Feature request - Adaptive training taking into account morning + evening training


Loving TR, but my circumstances have changed and I still want to make the most of my available time!

I only have one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening to train but can do this consistently. Could adaptive training take account of this better? At the moment I’ve started choosing the 1hr alternates and then choosing a trainnow workout that I think aligns with the goals of that day (endurance, SST, VO2 etc).

It would be great if adaptive training knew I had 2hrs (split into 1 + 1) to train five days a week and I didn’t have to do so much tweaking.


Someone from TR can give a better answer, but I asked something similar in the past. I believe it’s looking at overall TSS instead of the type of workout. I’m lead to believe that 2 50 TSS rides are scored similar to 1 100 TSS workout