Measuring/tracking peak power

Hi all,

I’m rather old to cycling but new to TR. I just started base training low volume.

While my focus needs to be sustained power, I want to improve my peak power. I find that to be fun.

What’s the best way to hit/measure/track peak wattage using TR and a Saris H3 trainer?

Thank you!


Under our ‘Career’ there’s ‘Personal Records’ that probably the best way to see your max in any period/season.


Yeah, Personal Records are accessible a couple of ways (ride and career).


What duration are you looking to peak?

thank you

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super-peak wattage. a few seconds.

is there a specific workout that would be a good place to explore peak power? i’m thinking lots of easy pedaling with some focused sprint work. i assume i’d use resistance mode instead of erg mode?

I’d use something like Pettit +1 it’s an hour endurance with a couple late ride sprints. Longer ones would be Gibbs +1 or Andrews +1.

Resistance mode absolutely, although if you have a Kickr direct-drive then connect via Bluetooth and TR will allow you to use Standard / Level mode which is like a fluid trainer. Earlier this year I set some all-time power PRs around 15 seconds, during a group workout that was using a 2 hour workout with late ride sprints (Boarstone +1).

Standard mode works better than resistance IMHO, and group workouts can also help.