Feature Request: Achievements/badges

I’d love it if TR added some form of badges for important in-app achievements and milestones. There should be some sort of fanfare for things like raising your FTP in a ramp test, finishing a training plan, and smashing a ‘breakthrough’ workout. Right now when one of these things happen it just ends like any other workout, with a whimper. Of course doing the thing is the real achievement (along with achieving things outside on the road or trail) but it would be cool if the app made me feel special sometimes :slight_smile:

Nah - that’s what Zwift is there for. I don’t need a “fantastic, you have really trained” accolade from an app.


I prefer for my achievements to come on race day (or for those who don’t race - whatever goal ride you might have). Or even on the team training ride when we break into unofficial sprints to the sign for bragging rights.

Too many badges and achievements bear striking similarity to the participation trophy.

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I understand that these types of achievements can serve to push people on (e.g. the arbitrary Experience in Zwift). That’s a psychological driver which has been exploited by games for years.

IMHO TR has it just right. You get a little trophy when you make a power PR and that’s about it.

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The power PRs are the only rewards I need. That and crushing opponents on race day!!
Seriously, I find the little trophies that Garmin sometimes gives me quite irritating!