Feature idea for dynamic workouts with WLv2

Idea 1:
Show me the live value of the actually reached WL during the workout!
So I might start in ERG and then switch to resistance mode and maybe do my own interval style until desired workout level is reached.

So a workout alternative could always be something like: „Ride (your own style) intervals in target zone xx until WLv2 number x.x is reached.“

Idea 2:
Let’s say my training plan assigns me a productive threshold workout with a target PL 5. Now instead of picking from alternates I’d like to say (just as an example to illustrate the idea): “Start with 30min endurance and then give me OverUnders 90% / 110% until PL of 5 is reached.”

I really like idea 1 the most but not sure if WLv2 calculation can be offloaded to the client or dynamically updated from server during workout?!

A compromise could be a new web workout creator that immediately shows the WLv2 when creating my own workout.

I would start with proper PL for custom workouts. And learning from intervals.icu how workouts editor should be done :wink:

Jep. But that was already confirmed for WLv2. Just wanted to give some more perspective/idea after that.