Game Changer! Castelli Climbers Jersey

You all or is it Yawl…probably already know this the Castelli Climbers Jersey is a game changer in the heat!

The Castelli Climbers Jersey is awesome for temps 70F or 22C and above. Wow it is like riding without a shirt you remain cool with plenty of airflow! You never consider zipping open to chest level during a HOT summer climb as the overheating due to clothing is not a factor! Plus, you don’t need a mesh undershirt as the climbers jeresy does it all.
You will however need to have a race fit or a close to Skin Tight (Ohio Players circa 1970) in order to get the full benefits of the jersey.
If you ride in the heat this is a must have. Think of when you ride indoors without a jersey and the fans are on full blast. For me, it’s a comfortable feeling and it’s even better with the Climbers Jersey outside in the heat…
I’m ordering a second one for next summer…


My favorite jerseys for sure

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It’s y’all

Eliels diablo jersey is also a fantastic summer jersey, I live in the hot and humid south and never have to un zip it either.


70 degrees is hot?

Just kidding, but my wife does usually put on a blanket or sweatshirt any time it gets below 75.

The new crop of lightweight jerseys really are fantastic. I’ll add the Rapha ones to this list.


I’ve got a Northwave jersey with a similar mesh fabric, and I got a Santini one in a sportive. I need these jerseys in the Spanish summer. Game changer indeed!


Castelli is doing a Good Job for hot days (they give recommendations on every item). For really cold days their Temperature range is more for the italian winter☺️. If you Do a lot of mountains (descents!) in the early spring/autumn you better wear more!

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As someone who has the (fortunate? unfortunate?) distinction of living somewhere that regularly has 90+ degree F summer days with high humidity, the La Passione ultralight jerseys have been great. Wait for a sale though!


Castillo jersey is fantastic, but I do prefer the Rapha flyweight jersey I find it just a little better… Although the Rapha is a little more expensive. Texas summers suck.



That’s exactly why I got the jersey to get thru the Spanish summers. I also use the Gobik mesh jersey, Carrera Scout, and if I compare the two I would say the Gobik jersey is okay better than most but still 2d to Castelli’s Climbers Jersey.

Where in Spain are you located? I’m in Castellón.

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I know the Texas summers well, 33 years in Texas. Now I’m in Spain also with brutal summers… I’ll take the heat and misery of a Texas or Spanish summer vs the snow and rain… but that’s just me. :smile:
I have never tried Rapha products I wanted to but have had a hard time trying to find online stores here in Spain or Europe that carry their products. Shipping from the USA is tricky i.e. potentially costly as the VAT(value added tax) plays a role and it can be anywhere from 21-30% cost increase.
I learned the hard way on a deal for a Castelli Alpha Jacket on sale from Colorado Cyclist but thanks to VAT I lost all my sale advantage :frowning: but the jacket is still a killer at cost. :smiley:


Do you have link where we can checkout or purchase the La Passione ultralight


Yes, I do appreciate the Castelli’s temp guide on there clothing line it’s helpful

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Madrid most of the time, and I regularly go to a town in Alicante to visit relatives. I’ve got a cheap alloy bike there to avoid travelling back and forth with the bike in tow, the cycling around the Denia area is just fantastic.

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Another vote for the PSN ultralight!

It’s my go to on anything 70-100 degrees.


Velocio Radiator jersey is black magic.

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Kool, if you are interested we can connect via Stava… shoot me a friend request, J-O Barber
I haven´t found any TR users here in España,

I am Miguel Clarke on Strava, will do