I've fallen in love with Norcal Cyclist's Youtube channel

He does excellent race analysis. It’s the same stuff that the Clif team talks about (he actually races against them) and it’s great to see/hear it over and over to reinforce it.

His most recent videos (last 6 months or so) have the best commentary.

I really enjoy watching his videos while I ride. If anyone knows Jeff please invite him to this thread!


Yes, I agree. “Just the facts”.

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Thanks for this. I’m watching his videos now from the Intelligentsia Cup since that’s my local race and I raced the whole series this year (in the Cat 4/5s though).

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Thanks Nate! I generally focus on race strategy, which compliments the wealth of knowledge you guys share on the podcast regarding nutrition and training. I’m always open to suggestions though, so I urge people to let me know how to improve the channel. Looking forward to what 2019 will bring.