Favero Assioma Users

So here’s an unfun fact:
If you buy Unos and then email them letting them know you want to exchange them for duos, you’re told:

So… if you are on the fence about Duos, I guess go right for the Duos.

I’m a bit confused… have you used the Unos?

If not, and you’re within the time limit, then I’m sure that you can return them and I imagine the email was a misunderstanding.

If you have used them already though, then I don’t understand why you’d think that you can send back used equipment just because you’ve changed your mind. That’s why they offer an upgrade kit.


The strange part is the pedal force feels smoother with Power Smoothing set to OFF… well, a few more workouts and see how it goes. Thanks.

Took them for one ride, yeah. But otherwise they’re brand new. Perhaps I’m just too used to Amazon, but “You used them once, no longer returnable” is a surprise if true.

Out of interest, whereabouts are you based? (I’m in the UK.) I don’t think that there are many places here that would happily take back pedals that had been used, even once, unless they were faulty. After all, they couldn’t then sell them as new, so they’d take a massive hit.

I sympathise if you’re disappointed, but I don’t believe that Favero are being unfair here.


USA. Very possible it’s just a country difference; I’ve never, ever had a problem returning something that’s been (lightly) used. Here it’s basically like… “Well how would you know you like it of you haven’t used it?” Not trying to argue that per se, just explain.

Yeah, here it’s more like “You can look at it and fiddle with it, try it on etc. but you can only return it if it’s still in ‘saleable as new’ condition or else faulty.” I guess I’d personally view that as a fair set-up, but it’s no great surprise that opinions and expectations vary!


Not sure where the OP is from but in Europe distance selling rules say that you have the right to return goods within 14 days.

I’m still working on sorting this out but I thought I’d run by the group. I just got a set of duos and put them on a new bike. I’ve done a couple rides and my left right balance is 59/41ish This contrasts with what my Quarq which has shown pretty consistently for the past five years which is almost the exact opposite 45/55 Including the last ride I did on the old bike just a couple days ago. I’m still sorting out my fit so that may be the issue but, anyone seen that big a shift between two different power meters?

I know the quarq is not really measuring dual sided power but to have a total flip-flop of that size between right and left leg and a flat out change in dominant leg seems a little weird.

If they’re still in new condition, yes. The distance selling regulations are intended to give people a similar ability to assess things before commiting as they would have had in a shop. So you can take a look, have a fiddle, but you can’t, for example, wear some jeans out to a party, or ride some pedals, (the presumption being that they would be rendered no longer new). As I say, I sympathise with people used to different arrangements, but there is certainly no rule that says that within 14 days you have a right to return something that you’ve used.

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That does seem weird, though I’ve no direct experience of how accurate the Quarq estimation is.

Are you sure you’ve not put the pedals on the wrong sides? :slight_smile:

59/41 is a fairly big imbalance - I’d be making sure that the pedals are calibrated correctly and that the pods aren’t touching anything.

At lower power levels I’ve seen some pretty wild L/R balance differences. Hard ride I am usually 50/50 but easier ones can swing that as far as 56/44.

I also don’t think any spindle based PM can give an accurate L/R measurement since it can’t individually read each side

Is it ok to leave the shoes clipped into the Assiomas between trainer sessions or will this mess up the (auto) calibration?

The manual suggests leaving the bike standing up without loading the pedals - so leaving the shoes on could indeed cause an issue with autocal.


How is the experience with gravel roads? I just got mine this week and I am planning to take it on my local rail trails. I am not going to be doing the gravel conversion hack as the trails are pretty smooth.

It’s worth trying the static weight test on the assiomas to see if there is something way off between the pedals. You don’t need a known weight for this, just something in the weight range they recommend ( I forget what that is). You will get a reading from each pedal as to what it thinks the weight is - these should be the same if you are using the same weight on each on. This allows you to verify at least one aspect of the measurement between the pedals.


Follow up question: is there any advantage or disadvantage from using the dual channel (vs. unified channel) other than it seperates L and R pedal signals?

This is new :thinking: Potentially new firmware related :man_shrugging:


I am not sure but I think with Ant+ you can only use single channel with the R going through the L pedal.