Favero Assioma Users

Updated the firmware with zero issues.

Will still do the routine zero offset calibration before every ride though. For an extra 5 seconds time, I don’t see a downside. Plus will have piece of mind that numbers are accurate until this feature is more widely tested.

I’m sure the firmware was also improved in other ways and worth having regardless.

These pedals are awesome. I have two pairs, one for road and a modded pair with CXR’s for commuting and out-and-back overnighters with the camping kit. Probably my best cycling purchase.


Just a quick question. If I got Assiomas, i would need basic pedals for same cleats to other bike. Can I use for example these Look Keo Classic 3 Pedals | Clip-in Pedals | Wiggle (Look Keo Classic 3) ?

I wondered about this. I will probably do the same but am not sure whether the automatic process will still happen anyway effectively overwriting the manual calibration so that it might be pointless. But then again it’s so easy to do and such an ingrained part of my routine then I think why stop?

I think it was mentioned above but the auto calibration happens right before the pedals turn off after five minutes of non-use. Might be something to watch if you take a long break mid-ride. All of my rides have been on the trainer since getting my pedals so no real-life experience yet with this.

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Noted, thanks.

I use Look Keo cleats for my Assiomas. However, you don’t need to get new pedals for your other bike, just swap the Assiomas from one bike to the other - it only takes a minute

I was just looking up the Favero site to remind myself what pedals they use. I just bought an Assioma UNO setup, so I need to get new pedals for the back-up bike for those days I don’t want to bother with switching.

Anyway, the search, “Assioma” using Duck-Duck Go, showed an interesting result. Is this news? A mistake? I’m sort of stuck with the KEO-compatible platform, but kinda wish I could have stuck with Shimano cleats.

Anyone know about this?

ETA: now it’s not showing up in my search results, but the source for the home page has this text and stuff like “shimano-compatibility-2021.jpg”.


Now that is interesting…

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For sure. Thinking about it more, I’m not sure whether they’re introducing Shimano-compatible road pedals or if they’ll formalize the MTB hack that’s discussed in this thread.

I’d seen something a few weeks ago on one of the power meter shops’ Facebook pages. In response to a question about Shimano pedal bodies - SPD-SL specifically - they answered in a way that suggested you should wait a few weeks.

Was going to post here but forgot about it in the end.


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That’s from the Vector 3 auto-cal description. Favero have not published any specific detail of when their auto-cal occurs.


My Assioma Uno will only charge to around 50%. Anyone else have this happen?

It’s only 1.5 years old.

Shane, got it. Thanks for clarifying.

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That’s actually what Favero communicated to testers during beta testing, that it auto-zeros when it goes into standby mode, assuming conditions are right. Whether this is the actual case now?..no clue of course because they haven’t published it.


Interesting, found this image on the Favero web page:



That does look suspiciously like a Shimano SPD-SL axle…



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Not sure what the cause of this issue is but my power is now reading at double watts. Using assioma uno for ages. Recently upgraded firmware and went beta on android. But mac desktop is reading the same as phone. Wahoo bolt reads as expected (see picture). Checked assioma app and double power is ticked (as it always was).

Help needed!

I only just re-read that graphic you posted and I’m guessing what Favero are doing is quite clever really - they sell the spindles only so that you can use your SPD-SL pedal bodies without them actually infringing upon any of Shimano’s patents.


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You need to untick double power an the favero app when using TR as it already doubles the power reported by an uno pedal over Bluetooth :+1:

That setting only affects Bluetooth connections - not ant+


But this seems to only be an issue this last week. I havnt unticked the double power for the uno before and it read fine. Recent update on favero and TR don’t seem to work for the uno’s…