Favero Assioma short (1sec) dropouts

Hi there everybody,

I’ve been using Favero Assioma duo pedals for a few years now and have been generally very happy with them, however recently I’ve been experiencing very short dropouts during workouts when connected via Bluetooth (I don’t see these on my Garmin that is connected via ANT+).

These dropouts appear to be random and not on any sort of pattern. Any idea what could be causing this, and what I could do to remedy it?

This morning I performed a ramp test, that ended up looking like this:

When zooming in on my best 1 minute power it gives me an average of 385W, with a 1 sec dropout at 0W. Garmin Connect data had my best 1 minute power at 392W.

Thanks in advance for any advice or help!

I’ve had the same issue before and I just put it down to interference?

Like you it only affected Bluetooth and not ant+ (or was it the other way round :thinking:)

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I had the same issue start after 8 months trouble free. I contacted TR first who looked at the logs and found the connection wasn’t dropping out but the pedals were actually sending a 0w value. So then I submitted a ticket to favero, they were able to connect to my pedals remotely and didn’t find any issue with them. I was frustrated with the response but the dropouts completely stopped after that. I don’t know if it had to do with Favero tech support accessing the pedals or if it was a coincidence but I’ve had no issues in the 2 months since.

Bottom line, contact TR support first. They’re great and will help you get to the root cause. You’ve got to figure out if it’s an interference issue or something to do with the pedals themselves.

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Which version of Favero firmware are you on?

I’ve noticed the same issue (bluetooth connection) but I’ve had much longer dropouts (sometimes as long as 10 secs). It only started with the latest firmware (auto-calibration) and I had about 2 years of trouble-free use before that.

@jpaterso @gsumida Please contact Favero support and have them troubleshoot. If multiple people are seeing this as a new development, then it’s probably the new firmware and we should make Favero aware. They can’t actively fix a problem they don’t know exists

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I’ve had the exact same problem with my Assiomas inside. I assumed it was bluetooth interference and have not had much time to troubleshoot it yet. When I get round to it I will try it through phone app instead (currently using macbook) to see if it makes a difference. Maybe I’ll try an antplus connection too. I haven’t noticed it on outdoor rides.

Edit. I remembered that I also log via ant+ on my cycle computer at the same time. No dropouts in that data.

What type of trainer do you use?

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I had this issue with one of my “Duo” pedals after 3+ years of solid performance. The Favero support folks were responsive and led me through a detailed troubleshooting process. In my case, they diagnosed the cause as a hardware failure and offered me a 20% discount on a new sensor, since my pedals were out of warranty.

Edit: If anyone wants an Assioma right pedal axle with a flaky sensor, you can have it for the cost of shipping :slight_smile:


I’m on a Wahoo Kickr, but the power is coming from the pedals so don’t think that should affect it.
I’m going to contact TR support like everybody has suggested and go from there, many thanks all!

I’ve had this. I believe it’s probably bluetooth interference. I switched to ANT+ with a dongle and the issues disappeared.

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For users of Garmin head unit, try to connect assioma and Garmin and turn off CD (Cycling Dynamics), then go back to try TR(or Zwift) under bluetooth connection, probably the problem can be solved. This was Favero Support told me to do.

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I have had a similar issue with my Power2Max PM seemingly dropping semi-random single seconds of power and/or cadence data, but I am pretty sure it was actually just that it’s something my Bryton computer does when the memory gets full.

If it happens very regularly or and can be seen on the head unit while using instantaneous power, it could be a lower battery issue.

That seems to have worked! Only one workout done so far but 75mins with zero dropouts. Thanks a lot for that advice

It should be no issue for Garmin head unit to receive CD information from Assioma via Ant+, however the data volume is too high to be well carried and received by BLE receiving side(smart phone or computer). For non-Garmin head unit users, no dropout issue at all because of never enabling CD function. All that appear since Assioma FW4.04 updated.