Favero assioma Uno Dropouts

My NP compared to AP has been really inconsistent on all my rides with these pedals. My routes are fairly flat so there shouldn’t be such a big gap as I’m seeing. I drilled into a five minute interval from this morning and I see all these power dropouts every few seconds. I know I’m not coasting so it doesn’t make sense to me. It also shows I had nearly nine minutes of coasting for the whole 70 minute ride. I probably coasted one minute at most.

The pedals are paired via bluetooth to an ambit 3 peak. I have a Garmin 520 coming soon. So maybe that will fix this issue.

Mine looked similar when paired to bluetooth on my phone. using an ant+ dongle helped but still had drops. Favero replaced the meter and all is well. Good warranty service, took a few days to get all the back and forths sorted though. Hopefully yours is just the headunit but if not they’ll get it right.

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Thanks that makes me feel better. I’m thinking it’s head unit because all the dropouts line up perfectly with similar dropouts in the temperature. Very screwy. The odd part is that the power profile looks pretty good in suunto’s activity tracker. 193 avg power vs 169 avg power on strava.

I’ve just bought a Favero Assioma duo, and having exactly the same drop out issues. Using a Garmin 520 and also tested with an old Garmin 500. Exactly the same problem - seems to connect for short periods and then drops out. Have contacted favero technical for advice.

This is an interesting thing. I too just go the pedals, and had not had any issues. But then, i was using the PowerCal and it had 100 issues, so maybe I’m just not noticing.

New Assioma Duo user here. I have noticed brief dropouts (~1 s) over Ant+ with my Wahoo Elemnt Roam. However, I have not had any issues over Bluetooth with TrainerRoad.

Can anyone share similar experiences?

Just got a set of duos about 2 weeks ago. TrainerRoad rides all work fine, but I did have a couple dropout issues on my last outdoor ride. My 5-sec power would freeze on my wahoo bolt head unit for what seemed like 20-30 seconds a few times. I’ve done a few outdoor rides but only noticed this on the latest one. Otherwise I love these pedals.

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Thanks for your reply. I love the pedals too. I will update if my issue persists or if it is resolved.
Hopefully this can be overcome.

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