Favero Assioma. Quick question for buying used

Hi all,
Im thinking if buying a set of favero assiona duo pedals used. Ive heard somewhere that as a second owner, there can be problens registering the pedals or using all the features of the app.

Does anyone know whether there us any truth in this? Any insight woukd be really helpful.


Hi there

I bought the Assioma dou 2 years ago used from a buddy of mine and had no issues re-registering them or using the app ever since.

I once had power number issues after reinstalling on my 2nd bike and the support resolved the issues with a custom update they pushed to my pedals within 24hours. Can therefore highly recommend them :slight_smile:


Brill thanks :slight_smile:

As a “registered user” of a used pair of pedals, can you still get advantage of warranty? If yes, ignore below. If no:

What I’d be more worried about is accuracy. Like any product, there’s production tolerances with these things. So it could be within range but at the edge. But then there’s units out there that are REALLY out of range. If the original owner is selling a pair like that and doesn’t bother contacting Favero and sorting the issues out, you’re left with pedals that are inaccurate and might be out of luck getting help from them.

But again, if you CAN get help as a registered 2nd owner, there should be less of an issue cause Favero customer service is pretty good.

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