Favero Assioma DUO - Troubleshooting

Hello Forum,
I’ve been having issues with my Assioma DUO’s which has led to various troubleshooting measures and I would like confirmation of what I seen is in line with how TR uses the DUO data.

My first step was to connect the DUO’s to both TR and my 520 Edge head unit at the same time. What appeared to me is that TR simply takes the left pedal power and doubles it. If I unclipped the right leg completely and pedalled only with my left at 100 watts TR shows 200 watts, 520 shows 100 watts. This is I think understandable but would like confirmation on this behaviour.

The second step was to convert my DUO’s to UNO. I did this through the Assioma app and at the same time I selected the button to “double the power”. In doing this my 520 read correctly however TR was reading double the watts. This isn’t as easy to understand and again would like to understand if this is expected.

Thank you.

I did isolated leg training as part of Sill with Ass Duo shi recently and believe it just shows one leg power, because don’t think I did 60-70 wattish with one leg.

I wonder if there’s a difference in Windows app versus iOS app……

That’s expected behaviour - you do not need to select the “double the power” setting on the app. TR already doubles the power so you don’t need the pedal to do it too.

This setting only affects Bluetooth connections - I assume you connected to your Garmin via ant+?

This should not be the case - have you selected the “use unified channel” option on the favero app? If not then you should :+1:

So in summary…
If you connect a DUOs to TR you need it set to “unified channel”
If you connect UNO to TR you need deselect “double power”
If you connect via ant+ instead you just ride without a care in the world.


This :slight_smile: It’s why I continue to connect the Assiomas via ANT+ for TR. There’s not much point having DUOs if you can’t use them as DUOs!

You can use them as DUOs with TrainerRoad - you just have to select the option to use a unified channel.

Ah yes you’re right, apologies. I think I was having nasty flashbacks to the PowerTap P1 I was on before the Assiomas. I guess I could switch over to BT then, though I think at some point I also found it eliminated drop-outs when I had the Kickr on BT and Assiomas on ANT+ when using PowerMatch.

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