Assioma Uno pedals


I have some Unos but have never needed to use them with TrainerRoad but I may have to soon. I read that the software doesn’t double the power so you end up displaying only the power from the unit. I also read that Favero supplied some users with a firmware file to overcome this.
So, at the latest pedal firmware does this situation still exist?
I’ve asked Favero but they haven’t replied yet.

So the official Favero reply is that once connected to the pedals there is a setting for “double the power”.

For the Uno, we will take your power reading and double it when pulling it into TrainerRoad. This is true for all versions of the firmware.

For the Duo, as long as you have updated the Favero to a firmware version 4.04 or newer the pedals will send a combined L/R power reading over both Bluetooth and ANT+

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Ah I see, so, to confirm, I do not need to change anything. However, the in ride TR display will be 50% low.

If I do as they suggest what will happen? Will your end double it again and make my power look like a Tour winner? :smile::smile:

When paired with TrainerRoad, we will take your left pedal’s power and double it to account for the fact that you have only one pedal paired. This all happens automatically, and there should not be an option to “double the power.” Our Devices Tab is already automated to do this for you.
So your power will not be 50% low, not 200%, but just right :wink:

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@Bryce OK thanks, to clarify, the “double the power” button is in the Favero mobile app.

One of our agents is going to run through testing this right now, I’ll report back what we find :+1:.

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With uno i did not do anything and power reading were automatically doubled and correct. The same with wahoo head unit.


Alright, so as I mentioned, TrainerRoad doubles the power automatically.

During testing, we discovered that TR cannot “sense” if the power has already been doubled or not, which means that if you double it in the Assioma app, it will be quadrupled in TR.

So do not enable the “double power” option within the Assioma app, and you will be good to go :slight_smile:

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Ha ha that’s I thought may happen although it would be immediately apparent :smile:


I’m as un-technical as any geezer out there. I just attached my Uno to my crank, paired it on my iphone w/ TR and started pedaling. Power output on the phone matched my Garmin head unit, so job well done. Never even knew it was happening

Can attest to this. I doubled the power on my uno on the first day and thought I was a boss with my 320w FTP coming off the couch.

Little did I know…

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Massive kudos to the TR team for testing this so quickly after it being posted on the forum :+1:

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