Favero Assioma DUO pairing mode

Hi everybody,

As I understand it most people are using the 'Unified Channel L" mode when pairing their Assioma DUOs to TR over Blutooth and ANT+.
The right pedal is supposed to transmit the data through the left pedal - hence you only pair the left pedal.

But when I do that and unclip my left foot and pedal with my right foot during a ride TR shows 0 watts power (new Ipad with latest TR software). For testing I also have my Wahoo BOLT (ANT+) running and it shows power fine only pedalling with my right foot.

If I change the settings from “Unified Channel L” to “Dual L/R” I see the power pedalling with only my right foot. But to my understanding this is the opposite of what to expect…

Am I completely missing something? How do you guys have your DUO/TR set up?

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Unified Channel L is, as you said, supposed to be the way, and it’s always worked for me with TR. But I haven’t tried recently so I guess something could have changed with the new version of the app. I think that’s unlikely however.

Maybe try forgetting the pedals in TR, use the app to set back to unified channel L, then make sure you disconnect from the app before re-pairing in TR. If that doesn’t work I’d ask TR support, they’re very helpful.

Hopefully someone else here can confirm that it’s working for them as intended right now. I can’t test for a couple days.

Hey there! We just did some testing on this one.

At this time, we’d recommend using Dual-channel L/R to read each pedal’s power individually when paired via Bluetooth.

Unified L ignores the right pedal and doubles the left-side power during use with TR.

With ANT+, the pedals will send a combined L/R reading.

This contradicts Assioma’s description of Dual-channel in their app, so we can’t guarantee functionality, but it seemed to work during our testing! Seems like it lines up with your experience as well.


I’ve recently been in touch with Favero customer service for a different matter and in attempting to test with something other than my wahoo or trainerroad they asked me to get on zwift or rouvey. I had my duos set to unified but when trying to pair the pedals the L/R came up as separate pedals instead of just the left to transmit power for both. When I tried it I was certainly only getting half the power. This was remedied when they recommended I switch it to dual channel which was counter intuitive but it worked. I believe thanks to that and probably other people having similar issues they are aware that the buttons are swapped. So don’t worry, it’s not just you. Just use dual channel till they have their terminology squared away.

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I use assioma duos and can confirm that this set up works. Double checked with some single leg pedalling.

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Whoa, cheers, thanks for testing that. I’ve got a pretty substantial LR differential due to an injury and that could help explain some delta I’ve seen inside vs. outside.

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Is this still the case? It seems that I get both left/right power over Bluetooth. Tested by pedaling with one foot at a time. Unified left channel.

As far as I know, we haven’t tested this since the last post back in March – we’ll take a look again though to re-confirm/update!

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