Favero Assioma and Cleats

Thanks. I tried around a bit and had the same impression but I am not good at physics :sweat_smile:
Since a number of you wrote about the spring settings, I checked these and found it helpful to loosen them a bit. My foot can now move a bit easier than before. I wasn’t aware that the spring setting also adjusts the room for movement of the foot (at least a bit). Hope this helps others looking for the best setting…

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Kind of reviving this old thread. I’ve got two road bikes and one set of favero pedals. Will favero cleats conversely work with keo blade pedals? That way if I flat mid crit I can just do a bike swap and hop back in

I use look keo cleats with my assiomas with zero issues. I researched and ready multiple forums/watched multiple youtube pages. I’ve had 0 issues

Ditto! Look keo clears we’re useless. I thought the same thing after watching @GPLama’s video!

I ended up getting these from amazon. They work great.

Favero Replacement Cleats

As posted above, it appears the shoe type used with these Look-ish or Look official cleats has an influence on the clip-in ‘quality’. I’m assuming there’s some kind of distortion of the cleat once it’s bolted down… maybe. Not something I’ve come across with Shimano SPD-SL cleats.

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I tried the included cleats and Look keo and ultimately could not get used to these pedals after more than 3 months.

I had it unclip several times and the clip in was so mushy I had no confidence in them. Maybe the show type does matter as @GPLama is stating.

Outside of clip in, I could not deal with how much these spin everytime I took off. I ended up going with Garmin Rally instead.

Just hopefully the converse is fine, using favero cleats with keo pedals. I don’t see why not

I had no problems with the Favero cleats for the BeProS when I used them in a hire track bike with Keo pedals. A few years later I replaced the Favero cleats with official Look cleats. The Favero cleats are marginally slimmer (at least for the Be Pro S) so I had to trim the sides of the Look official cleats them to clear the Favero power pod on float.

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Should be fine - I’ve used XPedo cleats (I’m pretty certain that’s what those are) with Look Keos in the past without issue.