Pedal fit: Can one brand work while another might not?

Going to give my bike fitter a call tomorrow but I figured I’d ask everyone opinion.

I started this summer with vector 3’s. Had the bike fitter make sure everything was set up properly. Worked for the months with no issues. No knee pain to be specific.

Not caring for vector batteries, I decided to give Assioma Favero a try. Very short period of time, it just didn’t feel right on the left leg, then the knee starts to have dull pain, like somethings not right. I had my bike fitter make sure everything was right, two weeks later, it doesn’t get better. It’s at the point where I’m thinking of going back to vectors and taking a day off tomorrow so it doesn’t get worse. Left knee is not happy.

Can two different pedals really be there different and can one pedal work for you while another brand just doesn’t work?

Assuming fit is identical, pedal and cleat float could be different. Is it possible to compare the amount of float, and the ease or resistance to cleat rotation?

Some I have used have more or less resistance to float. Additionally, some try to re-center while others float with no centering.

Any of these might lead to additional stress 9n the knee and related joints.

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Vector has a qfactor of 53, stack of 11.5. Assioma Qfactor 54, stack 10.5 Both look keo compatible but have they’re own version of look keo cleats. Both are 6 degree floats. So everything is really close. I went back to my LBS, he did the Retul bike fit for me. We went over the Assioma pedals and installation of the new cleats. Everything is exact as the Vector minus the differences between the two pedals. He checked the float of the shoe/cleat when it was locked in the pedal. But something just doesn’t feel right on the left hand side and it’s only since using the Assioma’s.

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Obviously something is up with the new pedal even though all the measurements and fit appear to be the same. The only similar issue I had is when I tried 0 degree float from 6 degrees. Wow, my knees didn’t like that. I went back to 6 degrees float and it took me about a month for me knee to feel right again. That was only from about 2 weeks of riding with the 0 degree.


When I first got the Vectors, before the Retul fit, I could tell things were not right. The Retul fit resolved the issue with the Vectors but I had to go off and try another pedal. It’s been two weeks of riding since I had the fitter check to make sure everything was working like it should be with the Assioma’s, it seems to be progressing for the worse. My gut is telling me to go back to the Vectors’s.

Checking through my dates, looks like I’ve had the Assioma’s for a month, first two weeks, the cleats were not set up properly. Then another two weeks with corrected cleats.