Do I need to re-test?

I’m on week 3 of SSB1 MV and I added a +3 workout today giving me 4x20mins at sweet spot with 5 min recoveries. I found this all pretty straight forward and on the last 20mins was putting out 5-10W above the target power. Because I’m new to structured training I don’t know if I should retest and maybe get a higher ftp to get the most out of my workouts or whether in 2 weeks time these types of workouts will be starting to bite when more fatigue sets in. Any recommendations from more experienced riders would be welcomed.

FYI generally active background but no structured training history, 301ftp 85kg with a bit to loose.

The adaptations will occur not at particular number but at range. If yo have not bumped up 10-20W (what can happen sometimes, especially when you start with structured training) the adaptations will be similar even with a little bit lower FTP. If your workout was Galena +3 , 4x20 min@90÷ FTP is not prove that your FTP have improved but your muscle endurance. Wait for other workouts and check how they feel. If you want to test do Kolie Moore’s test - at least it is also a very nice workout.

When you feel the need to bump up your FTP a couple weeks into a plan, we recommend manually bumping it up 1% at a time to see how that feels rather than interrupting your training with a test. Just listen to your body and you can continue to bump up your threshold 1% at a time until you reach the point where your workouts are all tough but managable :+1:.