Fasted Training/Possible Injury?

So I was coming to the end of SSB Low 1 (added an extra ride in every week) and the very last ride I did was Andrews (90min @ .70 IF). Me in my wisdom or should I say “lack of” decided to do it Fasted. I felt ok, was kind of fading near the end but I completed it. I had a day off, had a FTP test and it was horrible. I didn’t feel great, was 8 watts lower than my previous test before I started the training block. Took two days off, re did the test and this time I was 40 watts lower!

Now to my actual question… could I of done some damage to my quads from doing the last ride as Fasted? Every day feels like I’ve done a training session, it’s been a week since I got on the bike and its affecting my training

No. However, it seems though you are fatigued and possibly not eating enough.

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You could be coming down with something. I’d take a couple of rest days from training, eat a lot of healthy food, and be sure to sleep 8 hours every night. See if that turns you around.

I’ve done fasted rides. For me it makes a 90 minute easy Z2 ride feel like it was a 3+ hour ride leaving me glycogen depleted with sore legs.

My resting heart rate too is 52-54. that for me is like a training day. usually its 48-50 on rest days

N=1 here, but I do 80% of my rides semi-fasted (no food in the last 10-12 hours) and can get through everything in SSBMVI and II. Some of the longer sweet spot workouts have a higher RPE, which might also have something to do with working out at 5:30 AM.

I wouldn’t think doing a low-intensity, short ride like Andrews in a fasted state would lead to an injury.


I was feeling pretty good up until that point. I made all my workouts except for one and now my quads just feel stiff. The last workout I did was a week ago and that was Baxter. Strange

I do all my rides in the morning before breakfast. I have a couple of dates and/or figs on hand as a reward between sets for more demanding workouts. Never had an issue with that. Did the same running (up to 120mins workouts fasted).

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Just an update. My whole body cramping, quads, calf’s, biceps and triceps mainly. I’ve took potassium tablets along with Zinc and Magnesium. Also downed some electrolytes too and still no different. I’ve been off the bike for two weeks come Thursday. Starting to think I should maybe see a doctor? Never had this before

Doesn’t sound like anything to do with the ride, or being fasted, sounds more like something like the flu* - I’d contact your doctor anyway (the advice can vary as to whether to actually visit the doctor, if it’s flu like). But definitely contact them.

*my n=1 is when I have something viral/ flu like one of the first symptoms is aching muscles.

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I’ve got a call with my doctor today, need this sorted so I can get back into training. Got a dietitian now working with me so my next block of training should be much better

Ah great :pensive: Basically did SSBLV1 for no reason then

No need to think negative, trained athletes come back faster again. But first sort the health issue, good luck with this!

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It’s easy to forget that building fitness is secondary to getting regular exercise, which is why we ride bikes in the first place.

Training is a lifestyle, and a couple weeks, even months off the bike will have no lasting impact.

Thanks for the comments. I’m still waiting on a call from my doctor but I’ll report back as to what he thinks it could be. Been desperately trying to get a 300w ftp. I was at 297 at the start of SSB and I thought I could of hit the 300 mark this time around. We’ll see