Fan with temperature control

Hi I train in my garage and its bloody cold. In the warmer weather I use a large fan. I was thinking I can either heat the room or have a large fan with a heater setting… Any suggestions/recommendations?

Stick an electric space heater in there.

This is a decent heater, but I wouldn’t rely on it also as a cooling fan, it’s not strong enough.

Worth also getting a remote control for your existing fan so you can start with it off, then turn it on once you are warmed up.

I would layer up, stripping these off as you warm up, then switch on remote controlled fan(s) as required.

This same approach works for me in both a cold garage and a gym room in the house.

The lack of wind chill in a garage (with the fans are off obvs) compared to outdoors means you can handle some low temperatures without requiring any heating in my experience, but your mileage may vary.

Too cold? I train in the garage all winter! No heat ever, when temps dip below 30 deg F I use wool socks and maybe toe covers. a sweat shirt is usually enough till I get warmed up. I have a cheep Home Depot remote switch thingie that hangs from bars to turn off cooling fan off between intervals. I’m usually sweating midway thru an hour workout, even when its 20 deg F outside. Maybe try some layers to peel as you warm up, and cold weather gear(long finger gloves, toe or shoe covers).