Failing workouts ever since I got an E-Flex Plus platform

Not gonna lie i’m very impressed by the Trainer Road customer service :slight_smile:

Anyways, yes I did just start the SS Base LV plan this week. However, i noticed pretty quickly that I wanted to ride more than 3 times a week. I have done 3 rides this week so far, and plan to do one tomorrow and maybe Sunday as well. Should I cancel this one and change to the MV plan? Or is it okay to just keep adding some “trainNow” workouts in between depending on how i feel?

Also, i found to the first week of the SSB LV plan to not be very challenging - but maybe that’s the point?

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If you are consistently going to add extra Indoor TR Workouts each week, then definitely change to Mid Volume. In your case, you’re going to want to delete the General Base Low Volume I phase you manually entered and re-enter it as a Mid Volume backtracking to the original date (Oct 31st), so it considers the workouts you’ve done so far.

As far as SSB LV not feeling very challenging, don’t worry as AT has already started ramping up the Workout Levels :wink:

You’ll also want to note the workout’s Difficulty Level. For example, your next workout is labeled as “Achievable,” so it should feel comparatively easy relative to other workouts you’ve recently completed.

Here is a good article explaining how each Difficulty Level should feel like: