Face Mask For Daily Use and Riding

Does anyone have any recommendations in regards to face masks for both daily use and while on the bike? I have a few from Eliel which are nice and have used a buff as well but am looking for any that someone might like.



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No personal experience with these, but they look interesting:

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De Soto Sports has a few different versions using their skin cooler material

I got the triple ply masks for the family that I like, they have a buff and a single layer mask that could be used while riding or running.

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I’ve got the Eliel masks as well and have been pretty happy with them. Do a better job of keeping fabric against your face all around the edges than some other masks I have tried.

Buffs are OK for the bike, I guess, but are really pretty thin and not of much use off the bike.

I also have some masks from a company called Obvious Shirts…which if you are a Chicago sports fan are awesome for the slogans…but don’t fit as snugly as my Eliel. My current fave mask from them…


did you get the large Eliel mask? Guessing that wouldn’t fit average adult females. My daughter made masks for us, but she is working 40+ hours a week and not going to ask her to make more…

I have the Eliel masks in small and i’m very happy with them. I ordered some for my Mom and she has also found them to be comfortable.


I honestly don’t remember what size I ordered…I don’t even know if there was a size option when I got them.

I will say the loops are a bit tight.

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I ordered large and they seem to fit fine. I’m not overly large myself so I would say they fit the average adult.

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I’ve been using the primal wear masks. I work in hospital so have to wear one 10 hours a day and they have been working well for me soft material and don’t get too hot either. Plus a lot of designs which people seem to like over the basic color ones most people have

Just curious. Why are you wearing a mask on the bike? Like on a ride or a grocery run?

What are you trying to do with the mask while on the bike? You’re not going to help yourself or others while biking with one on. Is this just coffee stops and crowded pedestrian bridges?
I see people running with them on and question their judgement. “Okay, it’ll wet out in seconds, now you’ve got a germ catcher/rebreather on, while you’re chucking out less frequent but larger moisture particles. Just run 10ft from people “ :thinking:

What might work better for you is a neck hoop like buff makes. Gives you a bit more airspace and easier to carry. Also useful in fall/winter.

I wear a buff around my neck when I ride as I ride a shared path for my commute to work and there is a city mandate that a mask is required on the path. I pull it up when I come to congested areas or at stoplights. The questions was more for general face masks more so than anything on the bike but I threw them together. I have to wear a mask all day at work which is a new experience for me so just trying to find the most comfortable and sustainable options.


That makes sense.

Keep in mind the goal here - don’t spray particulates, so anything doesn’t doesn’t leave a gap and trips the mouth spray will do. The next goal is a not breathe in other peoples spray, so you want something to not collect moisture. Also, you want to breathe so moisture will clog whatever passages there are in the mask.
I’d look for something that doesn’t retain water and fits well. If you can keep the moisture from accumulating, you’ll breathe easier and stay healthier. Probably one of the better materials out there will be Olefin (Drymax, Thinsulate, Polypropylene), which is what they make super thin running socks, thinsulate insulation, good N95, and some surgical masks out of. Maybe cut up a Drymax brand sock and have someone - like your drycleaner- make a custom mask for you - https://www.amazon.com/Drymax-Sport-Unisex-Running-3-Pair/dp/B014LW32RA . You might also want to make the straps out of old bib shorts (hell, just wrap old bib shorts around your face).

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I have a set of these. They work great.

Hey folks,

I am just curious if or how many of you wear a mask when you go ride outside? Or is it necessary? I have been riding solo since the pandemic, but I do see group rides all the time from my local community. Some have a face cover, some wear a mask, many do nothing. It’s probably wise to keep social distance and wear a mask when ride outside, if you do, do you have any recommendation on the type of mask you like?


@xiaogaza, I moved your post into the existing thread. You can review it for current info and ask followup questions as needed. :smiley:

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Oh thanks. Sorry I didn’t check and see there is an existing thread.

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I think CDC just announced that this type of mask shouldn’t be used as it only protects the wearer but doesn’t protect people around you.

I’ve tried a ton different ones from Amazon, most of them are just not that great, some of them are just garbage. From disposable ones, cloth reusable ones, the ones with valve (as above showing), the ones with a pouch that you can replace the filters. By far this is the best I found: comfortable, breathable, washable and great filtration (at least that’s what it claims, I even tried to find out their website to see more of their claims: https://bekozis.com/blogs/news/not-another-ordinary-face-mask)


Any recommendations guys? I think to be a responsible rider a mask is needed when going out.


Hi guys ,

I am working on a new personalized face mask concept and would love your feedback.




So I decided to buy an under armour face mask and it’s pretty legit.

I actually made a review on it! Let me know what you guys think!