Eliel Cycling clothing

Does anyone have experience with Eliel? I did an order on November 25th and have been charged (several hundred $) but cannot get anyone to response to customer service through their email, phone number or online chat. Even the link they sent me in the email confirmation was invalid. Their site says orders shipped 2-day via FedEx but nothing other than a site that just says unfulfilled. They charged my CC so this is really frustrating. Meanwhile I have received an order from Velocio, returned the large size and already received my refund in the same time.

I would like to think this is maybe a black Friday weekend thing, but it is really frustrating to receive no updates.



Ive never had an issue with them but I live only a couple hundred miles up I5 from their warehouse. Ive always had luck with their online chat service. Give it a try?

No issues here either… I have lots of Eliel. It’s not a very big company and they are running several promotions, so possibly they’re just overwhelmed.

(p.s. the good news, I think is that you’ll really enjoy their products!)

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Same here I gave in to sign up for one of their “teams” spent a couple hundred dollars for it. Never heard anything back even after emailing them. This was 3 months ago :unamused:

Yeah hopefully it straightens out after the holiday rush settles down. I did try chat several times today and it timed out with no one on their end.

They seem expensive.

They are. But they are extremely well made and comfortable. Im on a third season with some pieces ( 16,000 miles of total riding )


They just got back to me and said they have been overwhelmed with their black friday deals. They said I have to wait for the 2024 membership kit until February because they sold out.

I don’t find their prices to be any more expensive than Search & State, Velocio or others. I am hopeful this is just a timing issue and it will get worked out.

I am happy to hear everyone is pleased with the products. The black friday deals were unreal at 50% off some kits!



Yeah their black friday deals were one of the best as far as cycling clothing company deals. I picked up thermal tights, jersey, and leg warmers for 230$. Thats their normal price for thermal tights!

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I’ve been an individual customer, member of their “Factory Team,” and custom team kit customer for several years. I opted out of the factory team thing a couple of years ago because I simply didn’t need more kits and there wasn’t much benefit from the Factory Team otherwise that made it worth it.

Something has definitely shifted with them in the past year and their service has slipped noticeably. They seem to have many new employees and timely communication is hit or miss.

Most notably, they botched our team custom order this year, shipping out mislabeled sizes that were actually smaller than they were labeled. Separately, many of our team members (including myself) received new kits and reported that the sizing was smaller than the same size in the previous year. We even had a sample fitting kit that people tried on before they ordered and the sizes they received still were too tight. In another case, the size of the vest didn’t match the size of the jersey. It was all a mess.

The only explanation we received was that some sizes were mislabeled, but otherwise the sizes were accurate and perhaps just needed to be broken in like a pair of jeans. But, I never had this experience in several years of ordering their products.

They offered to “make it right” but it was a very poor outcome. They gave refunds or replacements, and in some cases, offered refunds and told people just to keep the kits because the cost of shipping back was no longer worth it.

It was pretty bad. Our team kit projects with them over the previous two years were so smoothly and reliably completed, that this outcome wasn’t expected at all. Despite the quality of their designs, no one on our team wants to use them in the future.


Same happened for our team kits regarding sizing (much tighter for labelled size than in previous years). Comparing kits the labels have changed from “Assembled in USA” to “Assembled in Mexico” so I presume that as they’ve expanded it’s been cheaper (more profitable?) to manufacture in Mexico and the tolerances/sizing is different on the new manufacturers machines?


Hey Mike,

I’m a big fan of Eliel - my preferred brand. I haven’t had these issues, but I am sorry to hear that you have.

If it’s the EFT, the kits didn’t ship till January last year, I believe.

Yeah, pricey at retail, but the best kits I own.

My old club didn’t have this issue, but we had to switch brands away from them because they couldn’t get colors right. So there’s some things on the back end there that aren’t ideal, sounds like. Too bad because Eliel is local for us.

I have had some issues with different style kits. I’m a solid medium in El Capitan, but some of the lower end stuff I can wear a small. I’m definitely a SMEdium for everyone, so this happens to me quite a bit, but when I do get the fit right, the Eliel stuff is my favorite.


Wow. They acted totally surprised when it happened to us and I’m disappointed to hear it happened to someone else also.

They kept saying everything was the same but it wasn’t adding up for me. Maybe you’re on to something.

Quality clothing. Coffee mugs are tops. Usually shipping is fast. Customer service has been bad for me. But not bad enough to stop buying.

Their sizing is weird. I wear xl in the jersey and bibs. Medium in other brands.

Enjoy and get a coffee mug.

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I can confirm this. I looked at my Eliel products and see that they are now labeled “Assembled in Mexico.” My older ones said “Assembled in USA.” I suspect there are other changes at Eliel as well that are playing into the issues people are now having. It’s unfortunate that when there’s adverse outcomes, they aren’t transparent about it.


Slightly off topic but they have a large sewn in rubber logo in the glute area on all bib models that always always causes a rash/chafe for me. Bizarre placement

You guys are onto something here. I had bought a couple pairs of bibs a couple years ago that were incredible. This year all 3 items I bought broke down within 1-2 rides and have had to be sent back for repairs.

It kind of makes their marketing blitzes this year land not so well for what seems like many people who haven’t had good experiences with them. I’m not sure they are (still) the company they used to be or that people think they are.

Thought I would post back - my kits came today. Took about 3 weeks from day of order. I got 2 sizes to try so I hope return goes smoother!

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