Anyone use a cooling vest?

With racing starting back up and it being hotter than ever here in the south east I’m considering the idea of getting a cooling vest for warm ups and potentially even during a race if its hot enough. I’ve used ice in some pantyhose down the back of the jersey before and it definitely helps, but I was thinking something to spread the cooling around may work better.

I’m looking at some of the TECHNICHE vests, but thought I’d see if anyone had any experience/opinions before I decide to pull the trigger.

Definitely following this thread, but more for indoor training.

Taken some of my training back indoors already and it’s a little warm, so have been looking at different cooling vests to wear for the first 20 mins to keep my body from getting too warm too early. Used ice packs etc. before but would like to know if there is something better.

The new subzero stuff from Nopinz looks good for indoor use, but I would rather not have to buy new bibs etc.

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