Extremely high unrealistic power reading with Elite Suito-T

I use an Elite Suito-T smart trainer. I have it set up in ERG mode. I’ve had no problems until today. Suddenly my power reading is WAY out eg it starts at 700 watts even as I start a programme. It can then go over 1000. There is no way I could ever achieve anything approaching these levels!
I have checked the turbo for loose screws; I’ve unplugged it; I’ve recalibrated it with TR; I’ve checked settings eg wheel diameter. But I’m still getting crazy power readings.
Anybody any suggestions out there? I don’t know if this is a TR or ( more likely) a turbo problem.

It sounds like you’ve already done most of the troubleshooting steps we’d advise going over. Have you checked to see if your Suito has any firmware updates available?

It may also be worth trying out your trainer with a bike computer (Garmin, Wahoo, etc) or using a different training app if that’s an option for you – that way, you could determine if the trainer itself is the problem, or if this is only happening when you’re trying to use the TR app.

If it continues to happen outside of the TR app, then the problem is likely within the trainer itself – in which case we’d recommend reaching out to Elite Support.

Were you rower? If so, I wouldn’t be suprised :wink: nice situations because we know all PM always reads too low. I esitmate my is 50W too low at the moment but was working properly in the beginning of the year and years before… :wink: