Garmin Vector + Elite Suito power mismatch

Hi there,

I’m sure this was brought up before, but I cannot find an exact solution for my problem.

I’m using an Elite Suito smart trainer, in ERG mode, with Garmin Vector power-meter pedals connected via bluetooth.

If (for example) I’m doing a ramp test, TR takes a while to catch up to the power output of the pedals, leading in spikes in on-screen power because of the increased resistance from the trainer.

The Garmin 530 display the power from the pedals correctly.

Now, who’s at fault here?
My Mac laptop and it’s bluetooth connection?
The smart-trainer?
The pedals?
TR? :frowning:


Did you get anywhere with this? I am having the same issue with Garmin Rally pedals and Elite Suito (Suito is reading around 10% lower)

Do you use TR’s powermatch, if so ignore the Suito. When I first got the Suito I looked at it for a bit but noted at higher cadences it seemed to lag behind my power meter pedal (Favero Be Pro S) and sometimes never fully catches up. After a bit of research on here I found out it was best just to ignore the Suito and use powermatch reading from the pedal.

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Thanks for this was really helpful