Extra recovery week and adaptive training

Anyone know how inserting an extra recovery week in sweet spot base would work with adaptive training? I have seen this topic addressed in some other forum posts, but cant see anything that addresses this with adaptive training in mind

On your workout calendar, does one just drag the workouts down a week and manually select the workouts for the extra recovery week? And then i presume adaptive training will take care of the rest?

Use Annotations and schedule the time you want “off”. Then choose recovery workouts manually on the days you want an easy spin. This is the only work around at the moment. Following this ad hoc recovery week, AT should adjust your future workouts.

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Does anyone know if this a feature in AT yet?

I wanted to bring my recovery week forward a week and also want some flexibility in the future to change my recovery weeks when i feel i need them. All i’m seeing at the moment is the ability to add rest weeks, which just seems to be just that but then resume the plan from the next week, which could be the last week of the training block followed by another recovery week.

I made a hash of moving weeks around to accommodate recovery weeks and ended up with build phase weeks in my base phase etc etc

Is there not just a feature to add or move recovery weeks (effectively ending that training block) and all subsequent weeks and training blocks adapt to this? It is supposed to be ‘adaptive’ right?