Extra insole to make shoe fit - shim required on other shoe?

I have a significant size difference between my feet - the right is smaller than the left. I’ve been wearing extra socks to compensate but this gets uncomfortable after a while as the socks seem to bunch together. I’ve put another insole into the right shoe and this seems to achieve pretty much the same effect. However, it just occurred to me that what I’ve been doing is equivalent to putting a 2mm shim under the right cleat (based on a crude measurement of the thickness of the extra insole when I squeeze it). Should I put e.g. a 2mm a shim under the left cleat and drop the saddle by 2mm to try to maintain symmetry, or does this sort of difference not matter?

Are you experiencing problems?

If not, I tend to lean towards “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” approach. Our bodies can be good at adapting to differences, and as long as you don’t have pain or discomfort as a result, you are provably fine.

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Neither of my legs is longer than the other as far as I know.