Uneven feet? Thoughts please

Went to a place called “Feet Fleet” today, and bought a pair of running shoes. They had me stand on this scale-looking apparatus, so it could take a snap shot of my feet. I didn’t know this, but one foot is different than the other. Anyone else experience this?

I don’t think it’s that uncommon, some orthotics should be able to compensate.

I have a shim in my bike shoes to compensate for one leg being a little bit longer than the other. I bent my leg backwards far enough to shatter my tibia, and that’s the way it healed. Got a proper bike fit and they experimented with a couple ways to compensate and that’s what we settled on.

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@Geronimo I had a proper bike fit myself. Definitely the best money I spent. He stated everything with my feet on bike are normal. When I run, normal gait. One leg is shorter than the other at times. I can generally tell when my back starts hurting real bad, and my chiropractor fixes it. And, to your injury…ouch!!! That’s horrible

Yup. One of my feet is nearly a whole size longer, the other one is a size wider. Not an issue with running shoes. I do have fitted insoles on my cycling shoes but that’s more to do with having very high arches than the different lengths. Does make buying ski boots difficult! The fitter at my local ski shop is on the lookout for somebody with the opposite feet to me so that he can sell us both a pair of boots in different sizes…


Do you think the back pain is connected to the foot issue? That seems plausible.

Re: the injury, sounds worse than it was. 30 seconds of awful, ok after that.

@Geronimo nope!!! I was a an egotistical a-hole, prepping for a bodybuilding contest that I clearly was not going to win, and I did a deadlift wrong. Yay me for being stupid.

OOF. Fair enough.

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