Extended cool-down limitations


There are a couple of things in the extended cool down feature that could be improved, taking into account those users who use it as a way to add extra aerobic time after a hard session.

  1. Since the intensity adjuster is limited to 200%, when I do a ride that ends at 30% of threshold, I can only set 60% of threshold as a target for the additional time. I usually like to set it somewhere between 65 and 75%. In addition, why can’t I adjust the intensity during the cool-down of a ramp test?

  2. If you do a long enough extended cool-down, you will start seeing repeated instructions from previous intervals in the workout.

Not sure if this belongs in the forum or in a support ticket.




Hey, Néstor!

Thanks for the post. :slight_smile: Normally, anyone is welcome to submit product feedback like this in the form of a support ticket to support@trainerroad.com. Our Support Team will make sure it gets passed through the internally organized channels to our Product Managers.

However, in this case, I’ve gone ahead and passed your thoughts along to them already! No need to submit a ticket.

I can’t make any promises on if/when we can take action on either of your points, but I can promise that our Product Managers will be made aware of your feedback.

Thanks again!


Is this feature available on PC? If so how do you enable it.

Thanks for the question and response. When doing workouts, I’ve actually looked for comparable workouts that are supposed to end at 40% rather than 30% due to wanting the same thing.

It is not available on PC or Mac right now. It is planned to be added in future updates.