Extend or Two a Day?

Just curious… a couple of us are training for a 24 hour RAAM Qualifier in late Feb. We’re adding in “time in saddle” hours to our prescribed Adaptive TR planned workouts.

My friend wanted to extend his planned VO2Max workout today with 3 hours of endurance spinning at say 65% FTP.

Is there any difference to the ADAPTATION intelligence of TR, to literally extend the VO2Max Cooldown with 18 +10min extensions, and adjust the intensity dial to get to 65%FTP. That is easy and only takes a few seconds to do and keep going. Or, close out the VO2Max workout and do a 2nd Endurance workout of 3 hours long?

Do this. At this moment AT doesn’t account for extensions to workouts, so your extra effort won’t be recognized regarding your progression levels.


Thx! Makes sense.