Export workout history

Is there a way to export my workout history from TR to a 3rd party such as Dropbox?


I am not aware of a way to do it in bulk. It is possible to do one at a time by opening any workout (which would be a pain for anything more than a few).

You might want to contact support@trainerroad.com to see if they know if a hidden option or some other method.

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Thanks Chad.

Being OCD with numbers…
I’m fairly new to TR, I realised I pulled 6yrs worth of history into my TR calendar it would be a shame to not be able to then collect this new data in a similar way for future analysis.



Not sure if you have Strava connected but if you have it synced you could easily download your data from there, believe it’s in fit file format.
It’s a case of selecting > Settings > View Account > Download or delete account > Get Started > Download Request.
They put together a zip file that can take 24 hours to prepare, you can then download it from the link they email you for safe keeping. I intend doing this every few months for backup purposes.

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TrainerRoad must be GDPR compliant, because they offer the service in the EU. And therefore, if a user wants to move from the service to another service, they have to allow them to transfer their data out of the service in a machine-readable format. And they are required to process these requests within one month.

So my guess is, that support@trainerroad.com can do this manually for every request.


Perfect! Thank you for the responses.
I signed up to Strava purely as a means to get my Wahoo data into TR. So it seems that is an option.

Also as Postmeister has suggested, that also seems like a good option.

I have contacted TR support for this.

Thank you kindly for the responses.

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Right on :+1:. We’ll be in touch shortly.

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