Export TrainerRoad Workouts to Zwift

just fired up my 530 and it also has a menu on Workouts to search, sort (name/etc), delete all, delete selected.

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For the record, this was the key (on the 30 series too). It shows up under Training Plan (or, in the case of my complaint, does not), but does not show up under Workouts. However, once I did like you and went back and manually synch’d it over, it now shows up in both places.

Also, sorting works. Done together, this makes this process MUCH easier and faster.

Thank you. Really. I feel so stupid for never even trying.


Happy to help you stop going nuts over the simple things in life!

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On my 530, when I click down to Training,then Training Plan, it just has today’s workout (and sometimes the workout for the next day after too).
Maybe I’ve just been lucky with how it’s been set up?

If I go into Workouts then it lists them alphabetically.

Anyway, glad you’ve found a way to make it work :sunglasses:

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In Zwift - hit “A” - unselect “controllable”. Really as simple as that…

That is true for PC & Mac (A as the device menu shortcut).

  • The common item regardless of where someone runs Zwift is the “Paired Devices” screen and it’s now called “Resistance” instead of Controllable.


I’m aware of this setting. But for some reason, regardless of the combination of connections, TR and Zwift still seem to fight over the connection and it goes into what amounts to Resistance mode. Maybe I just need to replace my ANT+ dongles or something if no one else has trouble with this?

It’s also beside the point - I’m really looking for simplicity, and firing up a single application, clicking on a workout, and getting started is a lot easier than juggling two apps, even when everything is working smoothly.

It can definitely be flaky at times. Although I have never paired my Zwift PC to my wife’s Neo, it will pop into the Resistance box at random startups about 3-6 times per month. So I know for a fact that connections via Z can sometimes spring in there unwanted and unnoticed since it can rip through that pairing screen on startup at times.

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Ha! Except that the button you need to click on is now labelled “Resistance”, not “Controllable” :smile:

Right. I’ve got a Saris H3 and it has its fair share of quirks, especially the occasional power drops. I think it must be some weird cache thing where Zwift is telling it to poll previous connections every once in a while if it doesn’t have one or something like that. Very annoying.

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It’s definitely not just you. It happened to me randomly in the past too. And oddly, when you look at the connections, they’re all done properly.

Are you trying to run Zwift and TR on the same device? If so, it may just be too much for that device to handle.

I tend to run one program on a laptop (ANT+) and the other on an iPad with BT. Never had any issues.

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Flaw here is, Intervals.icu don’t stay on your Garmin.



just looked at my 840, and FWIW, yesterday I did a workout with very unique name and it is not in my Workouts. I did change the name in Garmin Connect after the ride.

The workout came from TrainingPeaks.

Some of last week’s TP workouts are in my 840’s Workout folder, and some are not.

Not sure what’s going on, but I’m not complaining or praising how it’s handled. My daily workouts are always on the 840, except in some circumstances when I’m in the garage making last minute changes (adding cadence ranges and possibly changing names). That usually works, but sometimes I open GC and force the workout to sync. Doesn’t happen often but it does happen from time to time.


p.s. on the 840 workout menu I swipped left on a workout and a trash can icon appeared, tapped it and the workout was deleted from my device. Just like a smart phone.

Garmin Connect — Bulk Delete Workouts from your Training Library

Be very careful when you do this as it will also delete the workouts from your calendar. It will delete all training library workouts. (THIS WILL NOT DELETE COMPLETED ACTIVITIES)

Zwift has their workout format .zwo which TP workouts can be exported in to load to the Zwift platform. XERT workouts can also be created in .zwo format. I find very little difference between the XERT, TP and TR workouts. TR obviously has a bigger library. I can’t believe that workouts are defendable IP if thrown into a courtroom. Trainer Road’s real IP lies in the AI and adaptation algs IMHO. I won’t be renewing my TR sub after this year, as I can get the same benefits from other platforms with exportable Zwift format workouts, and which also take outdoor free rides into the training calculations.

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I admit I haven’t used Xert in a couple years, but I found their workouts to be VERY different from TR’s and I really liked that because it brought some variety to my training. In particular, I loved the short o/u approach to Z2 rides as opposed to the long intervals at one constant wattage. At the time I was doing everything in Erg and it made a huge difference in my RPE. Now that I’m using Resistance mode, it doesn’t matter so much.

Yeah, this is running both TR and Zwift on the same machine. I can get it working fine with an iPad and the desktop, but my Zwift setup is in my basement with a 50" TV and 32" monitor below, so adding another screen into the mix pushes things a bit too far into air traffic controller territory.

I think that is your problem….trying to run both on the same machine.

Why can’t you run Zwift on the 50” and TR off the iPad to the 32”….unless the 50” I’d for entertainment purposes.

But I run 3 screens pretty regularly….TV on my 32”, Zwift (power only) on my 24” and TR running on my iPad next to me. As far as I am concerned, the more screens the better….more visual distraction.