Export Calendar to TrainingPeaks

While I love that there is now a calendar incorporated, it’s still a bit behind some of the other sites. It’s a great resource, but I cannot cut ties with my TrainingPeaks account yet. Is there a way to export the TrainerRoad calendar so that it can be imported to other software? Typing all of the workouts manually is a pain.

I totally understand that there is minimal incentive for TR to play nice with TP, but until the TR calendar allows me to access the non-bike workout details via the app without kicking me to the website, or allows me to access the training metrics, I need to continue to use a third party.

Anyone have any advise? Any others with this problem? Does everyone just manually type their workout schedule into TrainingPeaks?

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Reproducing TR workouts in TP in against TRs ToS. So don’t do that.

e. Attempting to copy, duplicate, reproduce, sell, trade, or resell our Resources is strictly prohibited.

You can build a library of stubs (just workout name, duration, and TSS) so that your CTL and ATL line up with your ATP. I don’t know if that is far enough away from reproducing their resources, but seems fine to the layman me. Reproducing the descriptions would be a bit much I think, though.

I’m not actually building the workout. I just toss the workout name onto my TP calendar with duration and TSS as you say and then let TR post back into TP when the workout is completed so that my actual completed work is responsible for a trackable CTL/ATL. I transfer in the run/swim descriptions so that I know what I am going to do for the day. You’re saying that this is technically illegal?

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Yep, this is a feature I’d really like as well. I don’t want to give up the CTL/TSB charts TP has as I use this for setting my training plans (I do MV TR plans and supplement additional time to get additional Z2 time as “TSS filler”).

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Here’s an existing feature request in this topic if any of you would like to throw your +1 behind the idea.

This is not something that we have plans for currently, but the more user support is earned, the more seriously we will consider dedicating resources in the future.


I use this to get the TSS etc, but doesn’t build the workouts: