Difficulty in ERG mode while changing chainrings


Does anyone have the experience that after changing chainrings (for example from 52/36 or 50/34 to 48/32 or 46/30) I did feel the difficulty increased on same target power (under ERG mode)? Even keeping same cadence under same watts level, feel intensity is getting higher. Why?


Probably one of the biggest threads on this forum, enjoy!


Yep - it is a huge can of worms. My advice - don’t! If you time trial on flattish roads like on the UK tt scene then use the big ring and a middle cog and stick with it for FTP test and sessions. If you mountain bike or climb a lot in road races stick to the small ring and a middle cog. Whatever - pick one gear and stick with it…maybe change up or down one cog at the back in between training blocks to avoid wearing out one cog :grinning: