Experiences with the Elite Nero Rollers

Hi, just joined trainerroad and the forum. This is really useful information, thanks.
I was doing a setup ride today in preparation for my ramp test on Tuesday and could not get Erg mode to work consistently on my Nero Rollers.
The best I could get was I found it sort of worked if I started on the small chain ring and tried to match the designated power, rather than putting it in the big ring and just riding to a cadence and wait for the Erg to catch up, which on a Nero it doesn’t seem to, if you start off high, it can’t seem to adjust the resistance back to suit the designated power.

I’ve been riding roller for years, so quite comfortable with them, but are there any more trainerroad specific tips.
Is there a specific order of connecting devices that helps? ie. Power meter then Nero, or Nero first, then Power meter. I’m running a 4iiii Precision left side only power meter.

I’m lucky in that my girlfriend has a Wahoo kickr, so intend to do my ramp tests and any single leg drills on that.

Thanks, Matt.

I just use the powermeter inside the Nero with ERG and it has been working like a charm for me. I love the Neros.


I decided to give these a shot mostly because i had a single-speed bike that I wanted to use that wouldn’t fit any other trainer. I just can’t get ERG mode to work reliably. The new powermatch consistently undershoots power by about 10 watts, the old powermatch alternates between under and overshooting by as much as 20 watts. I admit that I am still a bit wobbly on the rollers, so that may have something to do with it.

Does anybody have any recommendations on how to improve erg mode performance without changing gears? I am using a relatively easy gear on the single-speed (a 46x20, I think).

Nero min and max resistance is very dependent of drums speed. With trainerroad you have interval avg power info, use this instead of very slow ERG.

Thanks for replying! Sorry, I don’t quite understand what you mean. Since I have only one gear on that bike, how would I use anything but ERG mode to match the target power?

For example only: if your speed is 30kph, Nero can give you 150W min and 450W max resistance. If you need 550W, you must speed up to 35kph, but then min resistance is 200W.

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What I ended up doing on a short test right now (and what works great) is to just control the resistance with my Garmin and not pair the trainer to TR. I think the steps might not be fine enough to comfortably focus on a ramp test, but most of the time my geared bike should be available for that. So that’s a solution for now.