Rollers recommendations

Hi guys,

I‘m looking to upgrade my rollers from the Tacx Galaxia (insufficient resistance). I am looking at Elite Quick Motion or Elite Nero at the moment, but any other suggestions are welcome.

Any recommendations from those who are used to rollers? Is the ride feel of the Nero better than the Quick Motions with the flywheels (1200 times more roundnesss oer Elite‘s site :joy:)?

I use rollers mainly for my endurance and sweet spot work and have a Kickr for the high-end stuff, so I don’t consider the interactivity of the Nero a big advantage in my case…

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I have the QM, had a Kickr before. I actually think the “dumbness” of the QM are its biggest asset next to the floating motion system.
Therefore I guess the Neros interactivity would rob the main advantage of Rollers: just hop on and ride, try to match the power, find the right gear and then find the right cadence… I like it a lot, much more than riding in ERG, and dont see a reason why to spend three times more for a Nero
There are plenty pf threads about this. Have a look.


another vote for the Quick Motion. I’ve been using them exclusively for TR workouts for several months, w/ Assioma pedals for power. Very pleased w/ ride feel, and agree w/ realism of having to shift to find the right power

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I have and like the quick motion. The only reason I would see to buy the Nero is to use with zwift in sim mode. Assuming you already have a power meter and aren’t relying on trainer power.

Btw. I would rather invest the extra money in a powermeter than buying a Nero


Indeed, I use a power meter for the rollers. I would be wary of the possible difference in reading between the Nero and Kickr without power meter, I can imagine there is a lot of potential for mismatch there

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Feedback Overdrives have been good for me.

I have been riding Kreitler 2.25" for years and had no issues with even getting up to VO2 type efforts