Experience with EatMyRide app?

Hi everyone,

With the recent talk about carbs in the recent podcast I thought this might be worth a chat.

I recently saw an app that you can use for calculating carbs needed for your ride etc called -eat my ride.

I downloaded it and used it for my first ride yesterday. What I found was interesting as it recommend I take in far less carbs than I thought I would need.

Note this was for a 2 hr ride.

Anyways - question is - has anyone had any experience using this app, and if so, how have you found it and do you have any tips regarding how to use it.

Before I pay for it I guess I’m looking for some reviews

Edit: I’ve now tired the Saturday app as well and that gave me a different answer to the same question. lol

I’m going to pick one and just go with that and see how I feel and perform over the next 8 weeks.

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I found Eat My Ride last year and used it to successfully complete a 200 mile race. I didn’t bonk or cramp up at the end and felt like I could have kept going. The only issue I had was I should have stopped the timer on my head unit when I had mechanical’s (flat tire, bottle exchanges) because downloading their customized feeding plan got messed up when I had to stop for 3 flats, and re-pumping before I could get to an aid station for new tubes. Luckily I was wearing a watch and just set a timer to get back on track with drinking/eating at the correct times. I also made a little printed out chart with the food/hydration plan and taped it to my headset as well. Overall I’m happy with the App and still pay for the membership and will be using it again for my races.

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Do they have a good library of commercially available products in their database?

TBH - after looking through both apps I tried over the weekend, there isn’t anything ground breaking, IMO, in the apps.

Info that TR etc have provided in their podcasts on the subject pretty much say the same thing.

The TLDR is determine intensity, set a start point, say 60g per hr, and then go from there.

If you care to listen to the podcasts etc the info is there. If you don’t care about paying $5 a month or so then I guess it’s worth it, but for me, I’ll just keep doing what I was already doing as it was almost the same as what the apps are saying.

They have a library of products, but you acn add your own mix and then select it when you are planning a ride or using the Garmin Connect CIQ app to track it during your ride without a created fueling plan.