Eat My Ride ride nutrition tracking

Briefly mention on the current Harry Sweeny vlog this looks like an interesting app both on my phone for the plan and pushing to my head unit.

It will be interesting to actually compare what I use to what I eat and what changes I can make.

Is anyone else using this already?

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IMHO Saturday AM is better. @Dr_Alex_Harrison has it dial pretty well.

I do the hydration & fuel plan in the App and the use Garmin Smart Drink for hydration and a 20 minute timer to eat 30-40g of carb on prompt.

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I have been a beta tester in March 2020. They have come a long way since then and built some interesting and compelling features. It used to be an app that calculated your caloric need for the ride and plot it along the route you uploaded to “optimize” the timing of when you should eat. For example not on an extended steep and twisty downhill (obviously).

My takeaway back then after using the app for the whole summer of 2020 was to just eat every 30 min 30-40g of carbs. I didn’t do so many all day rides that it was worth the subscription at the time to me. I don’t eat on rides <2h and for long rides you just have to eat enough. Three weeks ago I signed up again for 20$/year to give it another shot and see what they’ve built on top of what they had 3 years ago. Haven’t used it yet tbh…

Thanks @webdev511. Saturday is live if folks want to compare.

Well it would be rude not to have a look at this as well! Thanks.