Exhausted for days - why?

Hi again,

i have followed your advice and switched to the zone 2 approach with less intensity and longer workouts, about 90min per session.

I feel much less worn out and do also feel some help for my insuline responsiveness.

Thank you all a lot for your support.

I mostly control my Kickr via Element Bolt for direct input of Watt, or use my komoot planned trips to simulate my most beloved outdoor rides… I am not planning any competition or dont need to “get faster”…

So… Now I just dont see too much value for a TR subscription :frowning:

Honestly if you aren’t wanting to do structured training, push FTP up, get faster, and all that stuff then maybe you don’t need a subscription.

If you did want to add back intensity some day, you could easily program yourself a polarized approach which is a lot of Z1/2 plus maybe 1 day of intensity. You might check out the 80/20 topic or some of the other polarized topics.

Good stuff!
I was just about to suggest going back to Base and sitting there for 6 weeks or so and then see, if that makes a difference.

As mentioned earlier, you cannot build a building without a solid base. Not, if you want that building to stand for a significant period of time.

As for dropping TR subscription, keep in mind that it is the closest you can ever get to having a personal coach and significantly cheaper. Having a system that creates work in your calendar, gives you something to be accounted for, not to mention taking a guesswork at what workouts to do next.

true, but if I never wanted to become faster? I never aimed at competition or even at comparing my own results on certain tracks or outdoor rides? I was really never into that and probably wont be.
I just want to stay a bit in shape and enjoy biking.
That is all :slight_smile:

“Faster” is such an overused term. As per my understanding, you are trying to stay fit, while staying on top of the underlying condition. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a series of scheduled workouts just for that. :slight_smile:

Absolutely. You did ask a question however, and I am giving you a series of possible options that you have.
By dialling the intensity right down where your needs of dipping into the glycogen stores are lower, you’re already on the right path. :wink:

Right - thank you.

Looking at the plans in Base I do not see additional value for me at this point: I need to ride on a quite constant watt level and pulse, do not need to push my FTP or prepare myself for a competition… and once in every two or three rides I resemble some hilly track I planned via Komoot… that works very well with the Kickr.

As far as I understand this should be ok for my purpose.

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It will be ok for your purpose, just be aware you will hit a plateau.
You will need to challenge yourself a bit more to get more improvements, in general, but I honestly have no idea what plateau-ing means in terms of insuline response and if there are any improvements on that front to seek by pushing harder :man_shrugging:

I don’t plan to race, hell, I don’t even have a sportive to look forward to anymore. What I know is that I want to get better at cycling, I want to be able to climb some of those hills I’ve been forced to walk before. And the only way to get there is to train harder.
But then again, you’re fitter than I am so :man_shrugging:

Hey folks,

Just a short update. I am following the SSBLV1 plan right now, filled in some random workout or longer Zone 2 rides additionally to the plan. My Ftp is 240.
Three days ago I did a long session Mount Albert 1:45h, 90tss.

Now I am in Week 2 and again I feel so exhausted that I could not finish a 90min workout yesterday. I had to stop Glassy -1 after 40min.

How come? Why am I so tired?

I am a Type1 diabetic and keep my diet pretty lower carb, not low carb but lower carb. Yesterday I had a proper lunch, unusually for me with quite a lot of potatoes, and some 30min before the workout I made myself a joghurt with two bananas, sweet cereals and walnuts. Usually that kind of food makes my blood sugar spike immediately and should suffice for a workout like yesterday, which was not hard as such. Still: i had to stop. So tired!

I am torn between more carbs (means more Insulin, means more risks for heavy undersugar during workouts) … or less carbs and probably therefore less energy… both not great alternatives.

I could go the way reducing workout intensity, but went that road already and felt less intensity just boring.

Here are my last workouts, on the side you can see the tss. For quite a fit guy like me the tss does not feel too much. I am surprised it smashes me that much.

Having read your posts , it seems you have fluctuated between periods of feeling exhausted , and periods of feeling good.
I am not qualified to comment on your Diabetes, but I imagine any form of overtraining and excessive exhaustion could cause more serious problems for you ,than for someone who is not Diabetic.
The beginnings of overtraining come on gradually , until you start to struggle , and in my case feel mildly depressed, lacking in motivation, and anxious about my next (hard ) workout.
Increasing you calories is good, but it has to be a long term commitment, and done in conjunction with reducing your volume to a level you can cope with and feel good too!
Looking at your data, you are doing plenty ,and hopefully enjoying your outdoor rides. You do not need big mileage, huge FTP, and TSS. You are managing your insulin well, and are obviously a very fit guy!
Using a Heart rate monitor is a great way to keep in your hr zones. You will need to look up how to find your Heart rate zones as you will need to find out what your max heart rate is first, then calculate the training zones from that result. If you already have that info, you can prevent yourself from going too hard on your outdoor rides.
You are not alone , lots of us on here seem to get ourselves in the overtraining hole!


Thank you for these remarks and ideas. I am actually not riding outdoors. I do TR workouts on my rollers and I defined them as outdoor to be able to use my Wahoo Bolt to give me all my data. So all my rides are indoors under quite stable and controlled circumstances and following the TR workout scheme.

I do use a heart monitor and with a max HR of about 188 i usually keep around 120-150 bpm, mostly at the lower end with only short peek HR bursts, average is mostly between 130 and 140.
This should actually not tire me too much. But it still does.

If it goes on , maybe get a blood test? Otherwise try incorporating a complete rest period, or just a bit of z1 if it drives you nuts not being able to ride.
Hope you can sort it , and start to feel better!

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I have experienced the same. In my case my FTP was grossly overestimated (13%) using the ramp test. Meaning that my training zones were set-up to high. Try doing the 20-minute FTP test.
There is a topic about this subject:

Good luck!

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I have read through TRs Blogs, which are great and I habe overlooked them for too long. I may have fond some hint here:

"It’s true, working out with zero calories in you will force your body to lose weight. However, it will also prevent you from getting stronger on your bike, drastically increase your risk of burn out, and eventually lead the body to enter “starvation mode” where every calorie that is consumed is then stored as fat.

Further, your recovery drink and your on-the-bike fuel should never contain the words “sugar-free.” Training time is not the time to limit calories. Further, protein needs the presence of simple carbs in order to quickly and efficiently make it’s way into the muscle cells after a hard workout."

As I have massively reduced Carbonhydrate intake in the last two years to not be dependent on insuline too much I might habe “burnouted” my body. I will try to reconsider my nutrition.

maybe set your account to public so folks can look at your workout data in detail. Other than that, no real advice from anyone can be given. did you over test? :man_shrugging: it could be nutrition, but it seems like you’ve only focused on nutrition. Many folks here are low carb off the bike, and some even low carb on and off the bike.

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Thank you, set profile to public. Hope this gives some insights.

I don’t see anything irregular, other than long breaks between intervals. Maybe someone more experienced can spot something. HR and cadence looks OK to me. I’m guessing max HR is between 175-185.

Consult a doc. A friend of mine, though probably 15 years in the past, had some odd issues and it turned out to be a thyroid problem and needed some meds. I’m not saying that’s you, but more of a you never know.

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I am reactivating this thread.

Again I am just tired, exhausted, so demotivated to work out. I had some great weeks, mainly Zone 2, very seldomly SS, never anything more intense.

Especially indoors I am super demotivated and tired at the moment. If I make it through 3 workouts a week this is a lot. Mainly it is 1 or 2. I cant imagine how I accomplished 5 Z2 workouts a 2+ hours in January. Seems so far away.

I am fuelling much more than earlier, healthy carbs, healthy food.
I sleep ok, do even naps with our 3y old after lunch.

I dont plan any high intensity workouts, just Z2 for less than 90min or even less. I might go for the 30min time crunched workouts and add Z2 as long as I feel afterwards.

And still: tired, demotivated, eventually pushing the workouts to the next day.

I guess I overtrained in Jan, and am exhausted by lockdown measures and two small kids, work, all of life imprisoned at home for weeks again. (Actually since March2020 we went on and off super hard lockdowns).

I was motivated a bit by outside relaxed rides… but they are quite difficult at the moment: lockdown does not allow too much movement, and the temperatures unfortunately fell drastically below zero again, heavy wind… it is not very inviting and partly dangerous still (snow, ice, strong wind)

Doing workouts in the morning is unthinkable, the schedule does not allow it, and I would have to cut down on sleep, which might not help. During the day my wife and I share responsibility for our two full time jobs and the two kids, homeschooling, cooking, household… everything. So not much time there.
And in the evening I am simply tired.

It is so vicious:
The less I train, the less I am active, the lazier I get, the harder the reentry is, the harder the recovery is … etc.

How to get out of this vicious circle?

I could be wrong but I think this last lockdown drained me too and I put it down to lack of Vit D and maybe a lack of Vit B12 in my current diet (I think Vit D helps your body absorb it). I’ve started with the vit D and B12 tablets and I’m feeling better after a few weeks. It may also coincide with a reasonable couple of weeks weather wise and getting out for more natural Vit D :+1:

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Good point, we started the same in January. So I dont think there is lack.

I will see a doc this week and have my blood checked.

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did Sanford -2 30min (part if the time crunched 30 plan) workout today and added 30min Z2 afterwards.
Was fun actuallay, we will see how exhausted I might be tomorrow, and, how I will be able to squeeze workouts into my tight and stressful weekdays schedule.