Exercise induced Hematuria

Anybody here ever experience exercise induced Hematuria (acute blood in urine, lasts 1-72hrs max)? I’ve encountered it a couple a times. Most noteably after a 5 day stage race which accounted for a 27 hour week (at the time I was training around 11-13hrs a week).
And most recently at the end of a pretty beefy 4 week training block (55 hours total).

Hydration and nutrition were good, just some pretty big and intense days. Something to worry about or just something that happens when we push to the limit?

Don’t know anything about Hematuria, but I had blood in urine (with no other symptoms) and it ended up being a small kidney stone. Never had one prior or since (knock on wood).

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This is definitely exercise induced. Happens only when i’m pushing it to my limit.

That’s something you should see a doctor about before assuming it’s just a benign process.

Is it myoglobinuria? Like a visit from uncle Rhabdo?


I’m a urologist and recommend you see one and get evaluated for your hematuria. In general, exercise-induced should be a diagnosis of exclusion and there are a few tests you should have done before making that conclusion.