Delayed extreme sweats

Pushed Boarstone -1 harder than prescribed today. About 4 hours later, out of nowhere buckets of sweat. Like soaked shirt, beads on forehead, etc. It was as if I had just worked out.

Im attributing this to a massive caloric deficit, but it was new and it sucked.

Anyone else experience this?

See your doctor TODAY.

Not to worry you, but extreme sweating can be a sign of a heart issue (even without any chest pain etc).


Totally agree with this. Another possibility could be low blood sugar. This has happened to me before, almost like a post ride bonk, but it happened with an hour of completing my ride.

If it requires another opinion I’ll be the third. If it is not an infection, accompanied by fevers and perhaps chills, it could be something that requires prompt attention. Please don’t put it off.