Evoc Road Bike Bag Pro - Handlebars on

@Jonathan Really interested in hearing your feedback on this case. I am a 56cm venge so ill be keen on your review. If you weren’t using this case from Nate, what case would you use to transport your Venge?

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Which one are you referring to? Road bag pro, or the Aerotech hard case?

This was for the bag that started the Topic. Evoc Pro

@Jonathan - verdict after the stage race is PHX?

Great to know. Thank you!

My biggest concern is the size. Southwest specifications is that L+W+H must be <100 inches and this one comes in at 108". My TT bike is so difficult to take apart that keeping the handlebars on is ideal. I could ship my bike via tribike transport, but then you have to trust someone else to get all the bolts tight and right.
Has anyone had this rejected or been charged a lot with this case?

Thanks. Ended up with the bike box alan. it’s big, but well protected and can carry a third wheel (disc). Still ended up having to lower my seat and take the aero bars off but that was it.

Fits perfectly in to the back of a mini van (standing up right), not so great on the rental car shuttle :slight_smile:

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