Bike box for multiple types of bike

I’d like to have one box that I could use to travel with my road, TT, and full suspension MTB bikes (not at the same time!). Any suggestions?

I just bought the EVOC pro bike bag for this specific reason – I wanted one that I could use for both my MTB and road bike. I just traveled from Chicago to AZ and back, checked it as luggage and it worked out great.

Only this is it is semi-rigid. It’s not a box per se – but it has good protection for discs, etc.

Can you fit a second wheel set in there?

Yep – there is a separate wheel pocket on each side.

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Biknd Jetpack for me. Fits my size L frames whether road or mountain with lots of room to spare. I don’t think that it would fit a second wheelset though…

EVOC XL. It will be overlarge for a road bike, but perfect for large mountain bikes. I bought it for my Fat Tire bike. Great piece of gear - lots of handles and big roller blade wheels. Well made. Expensive and worth every penny. Lots of videos out there describing how to pack in it and explaining its features.

That’s just two wheels right? Not an extra set?

I’ve got the non pro version of the Evoc and have used it with a large Scott Spark 29er (XC). The bag works well but you need an extra fork accessory for road bikes.
The only downside with a softer case like this one is that the wheels can get weight stacked on them and the discs cop it. You can take the disc off of course.

I was able to get the bike bag down to 19.5kgs on my last flight which had a 20kg limit for standard oversize baggage. Beyond 20kgs and it was a small fortune per extra kilo.
To achieve this weight I carried the crank, discs and cassette in my checked baggage. No extra charges.

Right…no room for extra wheels. The EVOC Pro bag (which I have) doesn’t need an extra accessory.

I paid the extra freight for the luggage fee – which was $150 each way. But I rode for 4 days on my trip and it would have cost at least $100 a day to rent a decent bike, if not more. So in this respect, I saved money. Plus, I had my own bike and it fit me perfect and was a much better riding experience all around.

As an FYI – I have only traveled with my mountain bike thus far (BMC Agonist 02) – I haven’t traveled with my road bike. But the PRO bag does come with the road fork adapter(s).

Traveling and biking is pricey – there’s almost no way around it, unless you want to totally deconstruct your bike (which I don’t) and I didn’t want to buy 2 bags – one for each kind of bike.

Overall, I’m happy with my solution and don’t feel like I was price gouged. To be honest, the biggest annoyance (and only a minor one) was waiting for the bag to come out in the oversized section.

But…also…I got to ride in this place (see below) with my own bike which was totally dialed in and perfect for the terrain I was flowing :metal: – totally worth it

The Evoc Pro is a very good bag and quite flexible. I’ve used it with my Niner Rip 9 RDO mountain bike and also with a Colnago (caliper brakes) and Trek Emonda (disc brakes). So far all bikes have arrived in perfect shape.

A few things that may be helpful:

  1. For road bikes, there is a pad that goes around the fork. The one that came with my bag is meant for caliper based brakes. They release a new pad for disc brake equipped bikes, so I bought that to use with the Emonda and it worked perfectly.

  2. The Evoc Pro does not come with wheel bags. I bought a set of wheel bags for my carbon road wheels. They might not be absolutely neccesary but provided an extra level of protection. The bags don’t fit my mountain bike wheels, so these I just put in the wheel compartments without bags, but I deflate the tires.

  3. Wheels. The Evoc Pro has rear wheels and a handle at the front to lift it. It also comes with a clip on front wheel, but it is pretty flimsy. Mine broke, but Evoc sent a replacement free of charge. If you have a lot of other bags it can make moving this bag a little more difficult since you likely have to wheel it with the handle. This is where bags from Scicon have an advantage as they have four wheels and are a little easier to push around.

  4. The Evoc Pro is a pretty big bag, so you do need to think about how you will transport it once you get to your destination. I typically like having an SUV as a rental and haven’t had any issues with small SUV’s with the seats folded down to slide the bag in.

Scicon is an alternative to at least look at. The recently had a 40% off flash sale on their website, so I purchased the new Aerocomfort MTB TSA MY19 bag:

There other bags had not been boost compatible but I think the MTB 3.0 Aerocomfort might have gotten an update.

It will be interesting to see how the Scicon compares to the Evoc Pro. I’m hoping the four wheels help at times when I’m loaded down with other stuff. It also seems like it should be very easy and quick to pack and unpack.