Everesting & VEveresting - Discussion, Planning, Training, Tips, Etc

I’ll try this. Thanks!

I am attempting to Everest today and also rising some money for the Against Malaria Foundation. I’ll be documenting the progress on Facebook:

Here is a link to the fundraiser:

Surely Jonathan’s attempt would not be valid. It has to be completed up 1 hill only.
Otherwise I’d have done it by now. Sooooo Booooooring. I’m full of admiration for anyone who does it. Ideally you need a straight climb, not too long and with no traffic so you can get down as quickly as possible with a roundabout at bottom to carry a bit of speed into the start.
Someone mentioned doing it on a MTB. It may be more fun, but you would be out there a lot longer. No thanks.

Not a fan of VEveresting! Seeing these guys lay on the couch as their bike descends on it’s own seems to defeat the purpose. I did 243 reps though so my sanity is in question. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWkYq41ukyU&t=2s


Totally agree. I vEverested on Saturday and I found it easier than a middle distance (70.3) triathlon. Basically just one long endurance ride, with many coffee stops. LOL.

I mean I had two showers and a massage during all of it. I wouldn’t even think about doing it outdoors.

I think it’s important to realize that people can and do perform vE differently. Not everyone is lounging or taking it easy in the downs or along the way. Sure, being in a home location or similar opens the options up, but I know plenty of people who have absolutely crushed themselves on their vE. So experiences can and do vary.


I guess you didn’t have the trainer difficulty set to right, you’re a very light rider, you’ve got a high watts/kg ftp or a combination of all 3?

I found it both physically and mentally tough. Hardest ride I’ve ever done that’s for sure and has put me off ever doing it again!

If I was forced to do it again, 11+ hours on a stationary bike vs outside, I’d choose outside for the sake of my gooch!


Nope. None of the above.

Hells 500 rules stipulate that you must have it on 100% trainer difficulty. I weigh 91 kg and my FTP is 306W (so only 3.36 W/kg).

I’ve come off 5 months of High Volume training (Traditional Base and Sustained Power Build) and have had many 15+ hours/week which I think definitely helped.

I was surprised my “undercarriage” held up very well. I got off the bike during the descents, changed kit, and applied LOTS of chamois cream each time. After the 3rd and 6th ascents, I also took an extended break during which I had a shower. All of this, combined with comfortable pacing, made it a lot easier than anticipated.

Where I did battle, towards the end, was my knees. My natural cadence is between 92-94 and as a triathlete, I always train to keep it nice and high. During the vEveresting, I was down in the 50s and 60s which was something I was not accustomed to. That was probable the worst part for me.


Wow, I’m now even more surprised that you found it so easy. I’m 65kg and at 269w, but found the last 3-4 laps extremely tough. I did have 12+ hour weeks with some 4-7 hour rides in the build up, including a ride with 4 ascents of Alpe du Zwift, so I don’t think I was underprepared. Perhaps you’re just made of tougher stuff and I just need to MTFU. :grin::+1:


Local shout out:

A couple of years ago I had a strava cup on the mountain…no way I would do it 62 times. It is steeEEEeep!
Might have to go out for a support lap or two…in my own special way. :grin:

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Hells 500 is “hosting” a Mont Ventoux vEveresting Lycra Party from August 10-16, working over the new climb to get a bunch of Half, Full and 10k vEveresting completions:


Aug 10 at 12:01 AM – Aug 16 at 11:59 PM UTC+10

Ride solo but in solidarity with our kick-ass crew from around the globe as we throw one hellava housewarming party to the newest world to enter Zwift.

4424m / 8848m / 10k+

As a bonus, anyone who completes a vEveresting in Zwift’s ‘France’ world between August 10-16 will receive a ‘First Known’ badge, and your name will go onto a special page on the www.everesting.cc site. These ‘first’ badges on Zwift are rare!


Looks like the seven hour mark was just broken.


Crazy Times… Both this COVID dituation and the time made on that everesting :open_mouth:

My good friend Nathan Earl just completed an Everest, third fastest time in the world.

07:10:10 to reach 8848m with a moving time of 07:06:00 after a ‘few’ nature breaks & a mechanical then pushed onto 10k.


Well congrats to the man. Realy fast. I Guess I already gave him congrats on the everesting group on Facebook :roll_eyes:

Im not fast by i’ve managed to do 7 everestings in 16 weeks ( 3 10k plus 3 regular 8.848m and a base camp) and grab all Ride available badges on the Everesting website Hall of Fame: https://everesting.cc/hall-of-https://everesting.cc/hall-of-fame/#//#/ except the double and triple everesting badge for not crazy but extremely insane people :crazy_face:

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His name was Göran Kropp. He also rode back home to Sweden.

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Is there a table somewhere that you can input a Strava Segment and your w/kg and it will calculate how long it would take to Everest? I can extrapolate based on times, but a calculator that finds out for me would be great.

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On the everesting website you can go to the calculator and it Will give you and idea of what the task Will be.

Edit: the link is on macnese.chad post