Bellati Sport in Switzerland reputation?

Anybody here knowing about this Swiss bike company, Bellati Sport? I am planning to buy a Cinelli Zydeco King or some other Cinelli. Loooking around on the webb, I found this firm, selling cheaper than ordinary prices. I also found a Cinelli Zydeco Electric Mud 2021 , with battery, much lower prize than official. Though the bikes can not be delivered before autumn. Is this a bluff? I understand prices are without taxes ( VAT ) but checking out VAT paying from Switzerland I found out that the fee should be less than an ordinary VAT which makes the bike cheaper. I’m of course suspicious … Anybody
who has bought bikes or frames from them?

There are numerous similar threads over on WW.

I suspect their bikes are grey imports (though that is pure surmise on my part). In other words, they’re likely legit, but if you ever need the warranty, that may be tricky…

Hmm, tricky… Grey import sounds strange… Could it be something like the companies sell second quality to this firm? I wonder if anyone has bought a bike from them?

Long post alert … :rofl:

TLDR: they’re unlikely to be fakes or have significant faults but you may well get no warranty.

Typically what happens with grey imports (of all sorts of goods) is that a) an official distributor in one country overestimates their likely sales, and is left with surplus stock, b) a manufacturer overestimates demand from distributors and is left with surplus stock, or c) a distributor ceases trading and liquidates stock.

In all cases, the company left with the surplus sells it off (usually at a substantial discount) to buyers who then resell it. These resellers (like, I’m guessing, Bellati) are typically not ‘official’/‘approved’ dealers for the product/brand, and the discount is often on condition that the standard manufacturer’s warranty no longer applies/or is on the reseller.

Sometimes the good may also be slight seconds (usually minor cosmetic imperfections). There’s a LBS near me which occasionally sells Trek Project One frames that have been rejected by the customer; one such example I saw had very slight blurring to the paint/decals.

Grey market goods are likely to be genuine, but generally the problem lies in the lack of aftersales.

So if Bellati is a grey market seller (if), then I doubt they’d be selling fakes (sites selling outright counterfeits tend to get shut down pretty quickly), but I would only pay through paypal/credit card, and I would check/ask about their warranty terms before buying.