Even more arch support

I use the icebug high arch insoles in my Shimano shoes. Read a bit from Steve Hogg and realized they were not even really contacting the arches completely. I taped some of my wife’s business cards in the arch area on the underside to raise the arch. Amazingly I had a lot less knee pain. Is there a better more permanent solution or any other MacGyver ideas ?

I’m using the g8 performance insoles (model 2620). They have a ton of adjustability, both in terms of placement and size of arch.


Ordered a set today!

Slightly related question. Can arch support help with numb toes? I get very numb and cold toes on winter rides. I don’t have any of the other issues usually discussed, like knee pain or foot instability. I currently use specialized green insoles for high arches (which I have), but I wonder if they fit right - they seem to ‘support’ my foot just behind the ball of the foot, but not further back. It does feel slightly weird and a bit uncomfortable, because it’s a part of my foot that wouldn’t usually touch the ground. Or is that the feeling I’m looking for? Before that, I just used the thin flat insoles that come with the shoes. I didn’t have any major issues then (but also numb toes), but I think using the specialized insoles has helped a little tiny bit. Would different insoles help more? Most of the debate about insoles seems to be about knee pain or power transfer and not numb toes…

I think what you want is a metatarsal button… not that I know what it is but I’ve seen it mentioned in relation to toe numbness. The specialised insoles have a bit, but you can get more pronounced insert additions.

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