Shoe Question, Maybe Insoles

I’m running the SWorks Recon shoes with the BG fit heat moldable insoles. These shoes fit like slippers.

My deal is. On the trail, I can get in a good solid 1.5-2.0 hours and then the balls of the feet begin to hurt. It’s always at the 2 hour mark.

I’ve had numerous fittings, just finished a session last week.

I’m beginning to wonder if these insoles need more toe area padding for the rigors of MTB. They are thin, so not much cushion at all.

Todays ride started out the same, but on my way back to our campsite, I hit the paved road in the park. Didn’t seem to have the issue with the feet on the smooth pavement.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Sounds like you might be ‘gripping’ with your toes. Putting a toe bar insole could possibly help. But don’t negate that the cleat position could be off a mm or more. I was amazed, years ago when I was having severe pain in that general area, how much comfort I can get with a small movement of the cleats. It also seems common that in spite of a fitting, some adjustment of the cleats is still necessary. YMMV

Just had my cleats positioned. I got numbness under the front of my foot before and after fitter moved the cleats back it got way better. Also as I have really high arches I need more arch support because otherwise all the pressure is on heel and toe area and that causes the numbness. Basically he suggested to try a strip of bar tape under the insole under the arch.

Toe Bar Insole??

Any suggestions to correct supination? Find I am always putting more pressure on the outside of my feet and have to actively focus on driving through the ball of the foot when trying to apply more pressure.

Use Giro Imperials with the medium Arch support.

It’s a raised area behind the toes. Some shoes have them, like Birkenstocks. It encourages your toes to not ‘grip’. There are also inserts that do the same thing. But I also had that pain, was advised to do the inserts, and through adjusting the cleat position the, pain disappeared. I too had a ‘fitting’ and was advised to move my cleats towards the heel, and the pain returned, so I went back to the previous setting. I view a fitting as an opinion, in the end it’s up to us to decide if it’s something to accept. I give recommendations a week or so to see if they work. Maybe my feet are just screwed up, but foot pain sucks.