Estimated Training Stress

I recently joined TR. When it imported all my rides, I had a lot of mountain bike rides with no power data, The software asks me if Id like to estimate my power/stress. Is there a way to apply the intensity estimate to all the rides at once, vs one at a time?

Don’t think so. Were all your rides exactly the same? If you want an accurate picture of your previous TSS unfortunately you’ll have to go in one at a time. I did it for over a year of rides. I just tackled a few rides every time I logged in to TR and eventually I got through them all.

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Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to mass-apply an intensity to all past rides. As MI-XC mentioned, this would be pretty inaccurate since your rides likely differ in intensity.

I personally think that the easiest way to estimate TSS is to go through your past rides on the Calendar because it helps to provide context to your ride, and may make it easier to select the appropriate intensity. Simply go through and click the “Estimate Stress” icon for any ride where that shows up, select the intensity, and then move onto the next one.

I know this is not exactly a seamless process, but the good news is that you will only have to do it this one time. Again, I’m really sorry for the extra trouble.