Error when updating weight on website?

I am trying to update the weight on the website (got some increase after the holidays) but I am getting this message:

The value ‘78.0’ is not valid for Weight.

Removing the fraction from the input field does not change anything.
Is anyone else having this issue (the error, not the holiday weight increase)?

Yep, same for me - but I did notice that the last android app update introduced the possibility to put fractional weights (before it was just whole lbs or kgs) and this is still working for me today.

Although my weight gets automatically updated from Garmin Connect and this still seems to be working too

TR updates from Garmin Connect? How do I enable that?

Unless things have changed recently there isn’t a way to enable it automatically.

I use this (paid) service to update all the fitness sites/apps that I use from a Withings scale :

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