Weight data import from Garmin


Can you make it possible to take the weight readings from a garmin account to adjust the weight on the TR account? It would be really useful to keep the data up to date.


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you cannot. at least not that i’ve found. possible i guess if you launder your garmin weight data through a 3rd party that can be picked up by TR, but a direct sharing is not possible.

The only service that I have come accross that does sync weight from garmin connect is myfitness pal.

you can use https://smartscalesync.com/

With this you can import all data of a Whitings scale to Garmin too!°

I use it since 2 years, a really good developer!


intervals.icu does it as well

Isn’t this what intervals.icu does, I weight myself once a week, and my weight in intervals is correct, and I have to manually update it in TR, they also pull other wellness data such as sleep e.t.c


no, smartscalesync.com updates TR automatic, everytime you have a new weight!

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Sorry, I just meant intervals pulled the weight data, not that it update TR like smartscale does

might be my my miss understanding of the thread, Whaat seemed to be asking for a change to TR to do it, Sky seemed to be saying that it wasn’t possible … sorry if I’ve added confusion

he asked to automatically pull weight data from Garmin to TR, intervals.icu is great but don’t update TR


Yeah like I thought he was asking for a change to TR so it would do it (feature request) and people were saying it wasn’t possible, again, sorry for the confusion

Thanks for the responses everyone, you’ve given me everything I needed.

Thanks again

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yeah i said you might be able to have it populate via 3p apps, but if you connect garmin and trainer road directly, garmin shares literally nothing with TR, which I suspect is a TR issue since apps like training peaks have a ton of data populate from garmin connect, including HRV, weight, BMI, muscle mass, fat %, water % etc

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